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The Knobz

Opportunistic Dunedin-based 4-piece pub-rock band known pretty much exclusively for their career-defining single ‘Culture?’, a satirical lampoon of Prime Minister Muldoon, and his despised 40% sales tax on local music. The song and hastily produced video featured McPhail and Gadsby regular, comedian and Muldoon impersonator Danny Faye. Released in November 1981, ‘Culture?’ is a rock radio classic in New Zealand – and has the distinction of being the first independently released local single to break into the top 5 of the New Zealand charts.

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Jenny Morris

Morris Went Solo In The Late 80s And Had A Few Hit Singles, Particularly ‘She’S Gotta Be Loved’. Discography Body And Soul [1987 Wea] Shiver [1989 Wea 256462-1] Honey Child [1991 Wea 90317 5480-2] The Story So Far [1992 Wea… Read More »Jenny Morris


Mike Miers, Alan Currie, Don Stevenson, Kevin Downing and Nihat Orerel. Discography Snatch Ep [1982 Wea Z20022] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr