t artists

3 Voices

John Berkley, David Bowater, Jacqui Brooks, Scott Calhoun, Gill Civil, Zip Forlorn, Steve Garden, Matthew Mckinnell, Paul Nairn and Robbie Sinclair.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • 3 Voices [1982 Unsung Un1]


b artists

Big Sideways


No kidding big: this New Zealand band boasts a dozen members, including four horn people, four guitarists and two drummers.
Seven of ’em are songwriters, which (not surprisingly) makes this a pretty eclectic record, fusing rock, jazz, funk and antipodean ethnic musics.
Capped off with idealistic lyrics, big sideways is upbeat and intelligent; highly arranged but hardly slick.
– Ira Robbins: taken from

Big Sideways were a prominent Auckland-based experimental performance group in the early 80’s, and featured Ivan Zagni and Justin Harwood (also of The Chills, Coconut Rough) and Tom Ludvigson among their collective.


  • Chris Watts (Trombone, 1983)
  • Ivan Sagni (Guitar/Percussion/Vocals, 1982)
  • John Quigley (Vocals/Guitar, 1982 – 1983)
  • Mark Bell (Guitar/Percussion/Vocals, 1982)
  • Chris Green (Saxophone, 1982 – 1983)
  • Jacqui Brooks (Saxophone/Percussion/Vocals, 1982)
  • Kelly Rogers (Saxophone/Vocals, 1982)
  • Paul Hewett (Drums, 1982)
  • Phil Steele (Drums/Vocals, 1982 – 1983)
  • Robbie Sinclair (Bass, 1982 – 1983)
  • Scott Calhoun (Trumpet/Keyboards/Vocals, 1982)
  • Betty Monga (Vocals, 1983)
  • Debbie Harwood (Vocals, 1983)
  • Josie Rika (Vocals, 1983)
  • Lee Connelly (Drums/Vocals, 1983)
  • Graeme Cash (Vocals, 1983)
  • Tom Ludvigson (Keyboards, 1983)
  • Karen Hill (Trombone, 1983)
  • Mike Russell (Trumpet, 1983)


  • Big Sideways (1982, Unsung Music, UN2)
  • Let It Out EP (1983, Unsung Music, UN022)


m artists

Milton Stowaways

An off-shoot of popular auckland act the Newmatics that featured Fiona Anderson, Sid Pasley, Kelly Rogers, Grant Hewson, Mark Densey and Benny Staples.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Tension Melle [1983 UnsungUn12]

  • Hired Togs [1983 Propeller Rev23]