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The Mint Chicks

Excellent post-punk band taking in equal measures of Voidoids style angular guitar and Blood Brothers style furious hardcore screaming and breakbeat crunch. A talented 4-piece with an excellent grounding in music production, they were snapped up by Flying Nun after building a strong live reputation in auckland during 2002-3. ‘licking letters’ is the first single, coming from the break-through Octagon, Octagon, Octagon Ep, and is a jerky, stop-start ripper, few bands have shown such intensity committed to plastic.

With the Nielson brothers Ruban (Guitar) and Kody (Vocals), Michael Logie (Bass) and Paul Roper (Drums), they were a very free-roaming band. Kody is a lively frontman, dancing like a man possessed, jumping round the stage, and fiddling with an on-stage effects unit, while the band falls perfectly in place for all their quick-cutting squeels and explosions of sound. They followed up the debut with an equally spastic sophmore EP Anti-Tiger – repeating an earlier new-wave inflected single. The band have toured Australia and even made the big jump to a British tour, accumulating a stack of the usual NME/Spin etc hype.

Their much-anticipated full-length debut seemed like a bit of a flattening out for the group. After receiving an absolute avalanche of attention (thanks to a bit of biffo during the groups South By South-West performance in Austin Texas, and thrilling big day out crowds with acrobatics and a little bit of chainsaw welding; Fuck The Golden Youth mostly revisited their earlier material, though with new noisier, but less jagged versions of the earlier songs, plus a couple well received singles (‘Opium Of The People’ was a highlight).
the group have since retreated a litte, with side-projects floating about while the group prepare their sophmoric album.

August 2006 saw the release of Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!, which contained poppy singles ‘Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!’, ‘Walking Off a Cliff Again’ and ‘She’s Back On Crack’, indicating a new direction and ambition from the group. As Kody and Ruben are dual-citizens of NZ and the United States, the brothers spent a the next couple years living in both Auckland and Portland, Oregon. Mike Logie left the group during 2008 (though he did appear during later performances), and the groups success continue, with album Screens being the catalyst. However in 2010 the group finally decided to dissolve, with Mike Logie surfacing in a solo capacity as F in Math (and later joining Die! Die! Die!, Ruben Neilson in US-based group Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Kody Neilson forming Opossom alongside Bic Runga (Mike Logie later joined as bassist).

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘Post Bo Bills’ single [2003]
  • Octagon, Octagon, Octagon EP [2003 Flying Nun Fn480]
  • The Blue Split 7″ [2004 W/ Whilrwind Heat Flying Nun Fn481]
  • ‘Opium Of The People’ single [2004 Flying Nun]
  • ‘Anti-Tiger’/Octagon, Octagon, Octagon (Live)’ 7″ Tour Single [2004 Flying Nun Tour Only]
  • Anti-Tiger Cd / 10″ EP [2004 Flying Nun Fn486]
  • Fuck The Golden Youth 3″ Cd / 7″ Single [2005 Flying Nun Fn492]
  • Fuck The Golden Youth [2005 Flying Nun Fn493]
  • ‘I Don’t Want to Grow Old’ single [2005 Flying Nun]
  • ‘Take It, I Don’t Want It’ single [2005 Flying Nun]
  • Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! [2006 Flying Nun Fn499]
  • ‘Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!’ single [2007 Flying Nun]
  • ‘Welcome to Nowhere’ single [2007 Flying Nun]
  • ‘Sleeping During the Day’ single [2007 Flying Nun]
  • ‘Walking Off a Cliff Again’ single [2007 Flying Nun]
  • ‘If My Arm Was a Mic Stand, Would You Hold My Hand?’ single [2008 Flying Nun]
  • ‘She’s Back on Crack’ single [2008 Flying Nun]
  • Mintunes EP [2008 Self-Released]
  • Screens [2009 Flying Nun]
  • ‘Life Will Get Better Some Day’ single [2009 Flying Nun]
  • ‘I Can’t Stop Being Foolish’ single [2009 Flying Nun]
  • ‘Hot on Your Heels single [2009 Flying Nun]
  • ‘Don’t Sell Your Brain Out, Baby’ single [2009 Flying Nun]
  • ‘She’s a Mod’ single [2009 Flying Nun]
  • Bad Buzz USB EP [2010]