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Ex-Livids Andrew Carey and Regan O’Brien, producing lowkey underground releases, described as ‘Gorgeous, unusual melodic instrumentals from two Palmerston North cousins. Features guitar, drums, noise and piano’ by Crawlspace.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘Sturdy’/’Avondale Race Ten’/’Epiphyte Rain’ 7″ Lathe-Cut [1997 Spotty Dog 16 Spots]
  • Maharahara 7″ Lathe-Cut [Spotty Dog]
  • Pukemymoremore 8″ Lathe-Cut [1998 Spotty Dog 19 Spots]
  • ‘Depressor’/’Rickity Old Pump’/’Maharahara’ 8″ Lathe-Cut [Headshy Hs004]