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Thee Ideal Gus

The Strange Girls

Fantastic folky lo-fi group from Dunedin from the super-prolific Clayton Noone and ex-Ho’ Dogs guitarist Kaaterama Morehu – who sadly passed away in 2020.

“At their best, The Strange Girls made ruminative, repetitive and atmospheric bummer folk”

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Casagrante Apparatus

Dunedin mid-90s experimental trio with a handful of impossible to find releases, including a lathe on Crawlspace, and 2 releases on drummer Stefan Neville’s own ‘A Stabbies and the Rocket Recording’ label.

Thee Ideal Gus

Discography picks in bold circumsession cassette [root don lonie for cash rdl008] live / evil cassette [w/ the pumice root don lonie for cash rdl049] 1977 ep cd-r [root don lonie for cash rdl082] ‘bmstrmstrmbngsplt’/’bullseye’ lathe-cut 7″ [1997 a stabbies… Read More »Thee Ideal Gus