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The Spines

Ripper Records

Legendary and short-lived indie punk label that debuted right on the cusp of the New Zealand underground explosion (i.e. they predate and are noted as a precursor to Flying Nun). Ripper was basically where New Zealand punk first surfaced with the likes of the Suburban Reptiles, the fleetingly popular Swingers, Scavengers etc – basically the cream of the early New Zealand punk scene.

The Body Electric

Biography Pseudo-electro / new-wave outfit known for their bizarre hit ‘Pulsing‘, which comes across as a parody of early electronic bands these days (primarily Kraftwerk and New Order). Created by record impresario Alan Jansson (performing as Alan Jimson). Actor Garry… Read More »The Body Electric

The Spines

Wellington group who had a sort of angular approach to some of their music, ska like, but also had an appealing dark edge. They released the impressive fishing 7″ EP on Ripper records. This was followed by another couple of… Read More »The Spines

Beat Rhythm Fashion

Biography Fashionable Wellington-based post-punk from the early 1980’s that featured Caroline Easther (The Chills, Verlaines, Spines etc), but formed by British ex-pat brothers Nino and Dan Birch. Initially formed as a studio-based outfit in august 1980, and heavily indebted to… Read More »Beat Rhythm Fashion