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The Situations


Shaft is the long-standing vehicle of prominent song-writer Bob Cardy (aka Bob Brannigan), guitarist for the Axemen and a stalwart of the New Zealand underground scene. With a rotating cast of musicians backing him, Shaft always sounds like Shaft; a terrific band brimming with brilliant, dynamic and catchy songs.

Devils Gate Drive

young rock’n’rollers from the south-of-auckland mcca that is papakura. their live show is sharp, if a little warn, and the band really managed to establish themselves in 2004 by touring simultaneously with stars-in-the-making the coolies, whilst taking part in the… Read More »Devils Gate Drive

The Situations

Biography Formerly known as Devil Gate Drive, The Situations are a young South Auckland rock’n’roll 4-piece comprised of Glen, Stu, Sam and Brad. They got a lot of exposure New Zealand wide due to the 2004 Schools Tour, then promptly… Read More »The Situations