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Straitjacket Fits

Dissonant kiwi pop-rock that at times verged on shoe-gazer (the band were known for incredibly loud live performances), often hiding their delicate melodies and concise, heartfelt lyrics behind a wall of feedback. Based around Shayne Carter and Andrew Brough (who eventually split from the band after the Melt tour to form Bike) both on guitar and vocals, David Wood filling the bass role, and John Collie at the drums. Shayne Carter was always the man in the spotlight, he had come from Dunedin band the Doublehappys and was known as a bit of an enigmatic front-man, as well as being quite the temperamental artist type. Andrew Brough however (formerly of the Orange), represented the quiet and caring, under-appreciated side of the band – his single ‘Down In Splendor’ is one of the best examples of melodic kiwi pop, a fragile, love song with a killer sing-a-long chorus.

But Carter is one hell of a songwriter also, practically carrying the first album (the classic Hail) with his singles ‘She Speeds’ and ‘Life In One Chord’. During the first two albums, the Fits were at the fore-front of kiwi rock, challenging the Chills and the Headless Chickens for the most popular of local bands, and along with the Jean-Paul Sartre Experience as the pick of the New Zealand underground scene. When the Melt tour wound down in early ’92, Brough decided it was time he formed his own band, as little of his material seem to work its way into the Fits cannon. He was replaced by Mark Peterson for the disjointed album Blow, released later in ’92.

Although Blow contains some excellent pop singles in ‘Done’, ‘Cat Inna Can’ and my personal favorite, and an excellent moot point for The Fits – ‘If I Were You’, the album was too inconsistent to support an attempted break into the burgeoning American market, and the band broke up to persue their own interests.

Carter now performs under the Dimmer moniker, releasing the brilliant, decade in the making I Believe You Are A Star last year to unanimous critical acclaim, and with a follow-up to be released shortly! Brough’s band Bike made one of the great New Zealand pop albums of the mid 90s, drawing a great deal of radio play for what was basically an all-hit album.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Life In One Chord 12″ Ep [1987 Flying Nun Fn080 / Fne25]
  • Hail [1988 Flying Nun Fn105]
  • ‘Hail’/’So Long Marianne’ 12″ Single [1988 Flying Nun Fn108]
  • ‘Hail’/’So Long Marianne’ 7″ Single [1988 Flying Nun Fn114]
  • Hail [1990 Extended U.S. Edition Flying Nun Fn142]
  • ‘Sparkle That Shines’/’Grate’ 7″ Single [1990 Flying Nun Fn151]
  • Melt [1990 Flying Nun Fn174]
  • ‘Bad Note For A Heart’/’In Spite Of It All’ 7″ Single [1990 Flying Nun Fn175]
  • ‘Bad Note For A Heart’/’Skin To Wear’/’In Spite Of It All’/’Hail’ (Live) 12″ / Cd Single [1990 Flying Nun Fn176]
  • ‘Down In Splendour’/’Seeing You Fled’/’Missing Presumed Drowned’/’Cave In’ Double 7″ Single [1990 Flying Nun Fn180]
  • Down In Splendour Video Cassette [1990 Flying Nun Fn D16011]
  • Done Ep [1992 Flying Nun Fn242]
  • Blow [1993 Flying Nun Fn251]
  • ‘Cat Inna Can’/’Sycamore’/’Satellite’ Cd Single [1993 Flying Nun Fn265]
  • ‘If I Were You’/’Brother’s Keeper’ (Demo)/’Burn It Up’ (Demo) Cd Single [1993 Flying Nun Fn285]
  • Best Of Double-Cd [1998 Compilation Flying Nun Fn406]

Awards Etc
Rianz Awards 1990

  • Music Video Of The Year – Bad Note For A Heart
  • Cover Design Of The Year – John Collie

Rianz Awards 1993

  • Album Of The Year – Blow
  • Top Male Vocalist Of The Year – Shayne Carter


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Andrew Brough was the unwanted third wheel of The Straitjacket Fits.

He had never been in a ‘rock’ band before the fits, but had established a reputation (as the front-man from the relatively unknown The Orange) for being a solid guitarist with a great sense for melody and rhythm.

While this initially fit in well with Shayne Carter and the fits chaotic, achingly beautiful early albums, it became quickly apparent that their was pressure in the group to release Brough.

Carters a very dominant front-person, and with the dismissal of Brough (they issued a press release that stated ‘Yah!, no more slow songs!’) the Fits went on to rock harder than they ever had, before finally self-combusting.

Brough however, had found himself in a rather profitable position – the exposure the Fits gave him, along with his classic Fits swan song ‘Down in Splendour‘ being declared something of a down-trodden, whimsical masterpiece — had led to the prospect of a promising solo career.

Though he did put together a band (with bassist Tristan Mason and drummer Karl Buckley), Bike was absolutely a vehicle for his own soothing, cheerful and sunny solo material.

Automatically gaining television interest with debut singles ‘Old and Blue’ and the majestic ‘Save My Life’, Brough set about creating possibly the most consistently gorgeous album in New Zealand pop history.

‘Take in the Sun’ was eventually released in 1997, including the early singles as well as new highlights ‘Circus Kids’ and ‘Take in the Sun’ into a solid, aptly titled debut.

The album gleams with a light layer of guitar feedback and Brough’s hushed vocals – barely slipping into 2nd gear throughout the entire album, its no wonder the album has become something of a regular as television backing music.

The pop melodies shine, the keyboard and guitar sends shivers down your spine. it’s not clear whether Brough will continue the Bike name.


  • Andrew Brough (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, 1995 – )
  • Tristan Mason (Bass, 1995 – 1997)
  • Karl Buckley (Drums, 1995 – 1997)
  • Wayne Bell (Drums, 1997)


  • Save My Life 7″ single (1996, Flying Nun Records, FN369)
  • Save My Life CD EP (1996, Flying Nun Records, FN369)
  • Circus Kids CD Single (1997, Flying Nun Records, FN390)
  • Take in the Sun (1997, Flying Nun Records, FN401)



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The Orange

Andrew Brough’s pre straitjacket fits rock outfit, much in line with his later dreamy guitar outfit Bike. The Orange were popular in Dunedin during their brief tenure in the mid 80s, though they were over-shadowed by the likes of the Chills and the Verlaines, who constantly received country-wide approval. The Talented song-writer Brough was supported by Jonathan Moore and Peter Bragan.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • fruit salad lives 12″ ep [1986 flying nun FN047]