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The Legionnaires

Coup D’Etat

Not to be confused with the Auckland punk venue of the late 70s, or the Suburban Reptiles song of the same name, Coup D’Etat were a tight trouser new wave outfit of the early 80s formed by Hello Sailor’s Harry Lyon.

Well-remembered for their catchy upstroke white-boy reggae-lite single ‘Doctor I like your medicine’ which got to number 9 on the NZ charts in 1981.

The Legionnaires

emerging out of hello sailor in the early 80s, graeme braziers legionnaires went through a number of line-up changes, taking in dave mcartney, allan badger, lyn buchanan, andrew langsfor, harry lyon, gary vernerne and paul woolwright. Discography picks in bold… Read More »The Legionnaires