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The Futurians!

Root Don Lonie For Cash

Prolific cassette, CDr and lathe-cut label run by Clayton Noone (aka CJA) and utilised by a fair few New Zealand (and some overseas) artists since the mid 1990s. Their first few years of releases had distinctive spray-painted covers. The original Don Lonie was billed as ‘America’s No. 1 high-school assembly speaker’, who recorded several albums for popular Christian record labels in the early 1960s.

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The Strange Girls

Fantastic folky lo-fi group from Dunedin from the super-prolific Clayton Noone and ex-Ho’ Dogs guitarist Kaaterama Morehu – who sadly passed away in 2020.

“At their best, The Strange Girls made ruminative, repetitive and atmospheric bummer folk”

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Murdering Monsters

Dunedin-based outfit who released a split EP with Matt ‘Crude’ Middleton’s Aesthetics, along with a couple other Lo-Fi low-rent releases.

The Futurians!

whacked-out and crazy dunedin punk band based around beth duckling and the highly prolific clayton noone: beth/duckling was looking for a new band so she hooked up with kraus. they had both been in the band the murdering monsters, and… Read More »The Futurians!


Biography Put out two releases on underground label Root Don Lonie For Cash. Potentially something to do with The Futurians… Or Campbell Kneale? Members Discography Tram To The Rise CDr (Root Don Lonie For Cash, RDL080) Dog Lathe 7″ (Root Don… Read More »B.C.

Duncan Bruce

Biography What makes this album great is the aforementioned brevity of the pieces. Duncan spans all shapes of the volume curve, sliding through landscapes of barren glacial shifts, torn loudspeaker edits and ye olde drone, and letting the feedback go… Read More »Duncan Bruce