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The Feelers

james reid, matt thomas, hamish gee and tim skedden. started out as a battle of the bands winning, tight melodic christchurch born-and-bred outfit, but once stardom hit the boys some time around 1998 (with the single pressure man a nationwide hit), reid took control of the band, firing their original drummer and getting his dad to finance their debut album. proving to be a huge commercial success (but in my opinion devoid of their early promise), ‘supersystem’ sold in droves, and led to an even more ambitious budget for their sophmore effort. with this long-winded approach to production in full swing, it took a full 3 years before ‘communicate’ was finally released – the fans who bought their debut full-length had already forgotten about the band, and the album sank like a stone.
picks in bold

  • ‘the leaving’ cd single [1995 wildside D280]
  • supersystem [1998 warners music nz]
  • communicate [2001 warners music nz]

awards et
rianz awards 1997

  • producer of the year malcolm welsford / the feelersrn

rianz awards 1998

  • album of the year supersystemrn
  • producer of the year malcolm welsford / the feelersrn
  • songwriter of the year james reid rn