Cassels and Son’s The Brewery

Also known as: The Brewery, The Tannery

Location: The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston

Current Status: Running as a bar and restaurant with Blue Smoke next door

Active as a live music venue: 2011 – 2015

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All-Ages: Occasionally

Now a restaurant and bar and originally constructed as a craft brewery, the Brewery functioned as a live music venue at a time when there were few operating in Christchurch – immediately after the February 2011 earthquakes.

A large, narrow venue with good food and a fair amount of outside seating, the Brewery has also been a popular spot for regular quiz nights and other events.

There wasn’t any stage to speak off, just an area near the Western entrance to the venue with a small PA and a mixing desk near by. As a result (and the fact the venue functioned mostly as a restaurant), shows were fairly sedate and low-key.

Mikey Summerfield playing a solo set at the Brewery

With Blue Smoke replacing Gustav’s next door in 2015, it appears that the Brewery no longer operates as a live music venue.


1874: Building constructed as part of the Woolston tannery complex.

1994: Alasdair Cassel purchases tannery site.

2009: Alasdair Cassel opens the Cassel and Sons Brewery as part of his new retail complex on the old Tannery site, brewing beer and distributing to local outlets.

2010/11: After the Canterbury Earthquakes, the Brewery re-opens as a venue.

2013: Gustav’s Kitchen and Wine Bar re-opens as a new venue within the Tannery site.

2015: Gustav’s becomes Blue Smoke, now a bar and live music venue, The Brewery no longer seems to be a live venue.

Contact Details

  • Cassels and Son’s The Brewery
  • 3 Garlands Road, Woolston, Christchurch

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Live Music Reviews and Photos

Kenya Fundraiser

Another slow-to-add photoset, this time from a fundraising event at the Brewery. Caught a few sets in this VERY late night show, with acts going all night… Picture is Will Roud, who opened the show with a (mostly) set, followed by Mikey Summerfield and up-and-coming shoe-gazey act Miniatures.

Will Roud at the Brewery
Will Roud at the Brewery
Live Music Reviews and Photos

Photos: O’Lovely, Von Klap and Ipswich at the Brewery

Ipswich at the Brewery
Ipswich at the Brewery
New local outfit Ipswich performing at the Brewery (Christchurch, New Zealand). Really impressed by these guys, with a huge bass-driven sound; very sonic. Guitarist Steven is also in up-and-coming group Psych Tigers.

Von Klap at the Brewery
Von Klap at the Brewery
Been quite a while since I’ve seen (Christchurch’s own) Von Klap, and I was taken aback by how subdued their performance was. With a new drummer sitting in the started slow and a little too plain, but Tim and Bobby eventually got things rolling later in the set.

O'Lovely at the Brewery
O'Lovely at the Brewery
Returning to their home-town for the release of debut album ‘Constellation’; O’Lovely have slowly gathered a strong following across New Zealand. Now with a touch more shoegazey vibe than their Christchurch days.