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The Blow Charlie

A Flight To Blackout

Excellent instrumentalist trio from the garden city formed by Matt Craw (guitar), James Musgrave (bass), and Jared Kelly (drums) in early 2005. Taking cues from a variety of informed directions, the group were prolific features of the local live scene, and attached themselves to both R18 and all-age crowds with varying success. Playing an involved instrumental sound heavy on dynamics.

The Penthouse

The Penthouse (sometimes just referred to as ‘Level 5’) was a venue name given to the 5th floor of Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti School in Central Christchurch, above the old Hallensteins building in Cashel Plaza.

The Blow Charlie

Biography Long-hair rock from the Christchurch all-age crowd, circa 2004-6, originally known as The Blow Charlie Trio. Popular at high school level, the group disbanded before making the jump to an R18 crowd – and had connections to the strong… Read More »The Blow Charlie