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Tempo 38

Harcore / rock’n’roll outfit comprised of Parry (Vocals), Matt (Guitar), Hogga (Guitar), Kano (Bass) and Borlen (Drums) who have several releases on the Hastings-based Hit Your Head.

Discography (picks in bold)


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Big Blue Blanket


Late 90’s outfit formed in Hastings, Big Blue Blanket played:

A mix of colorful ska (as opposed to the black and white kind), old school punk rock, bad rap, party dance & rock n’ roll

Hit Your Head Music

The Hit Your Head Music label was formed to release their music, with Vocalist/Drummer Alec Withers also known from groups Devil’s Elbow and Tempo 38.


  • Kym (Bass/Keys/Vocals)
  • Luke Harlen (Bass)
  • Aron Pallesen (Guitar/Vocals)
  • Alec Withers (Vocals/Drums)


  • Time Of The Day Demo (1996, Hanging Tree)
  • Barkhead CD Single (1996, Hanging Tree)
  • Every Time You Smile (1997, Hit Your Head Music)
  • This Must Be The Party Demo (1998, Hit Your Head Music)
  • This Must Be The Party EP (2002, Hit Your Head Music)