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Desperate Measures


Desperate Measures were Christchurch’s answer to pop punk, a couple of years after the whole Sex Pistol thing, but they were fun and had a few good songs for all the punk posturing. They had a reasonably heavy following, or it seemed so at the time.

The band featured Eugene Butcher – vocals (now doing something in multi media in London where he has lived for 10 years), Eric Vandenhoven – bass guitar (later of Evasive Action, Southern Front, Iceland, Champion Beat and now doing chef things in Auckland), Shane – guitar (now runs an Auckland recording studio), Greg – drums.

The band managed to record and self release a 4 song EP 1984, as well as a live to multi track set which ended up as the firstĀ FailsafeĀ records release, ‘Wasted Again’ (b/w ‘Unauthorised’).

As with many rough punk bands the measures spawned a number of talented musicians, notably Eric Vandenhoven, who’s inventive bass playing went on to encourage and influence many local musicians.

– Rob Mayes


  • Eric Vandenhoven (Bass, 1981 – 1984)
  • Eugene Butcher (Vocals, 1981 – 1984)
  • Shane O’Neill (Guitar, 1982 – 1984)
  • Greg Hussy (Drums, 1982 – 1984)


  • Desperate Measures EP [1982 Desperate Times DT216]
  • Desperate Measures [1984 w/ Unauthorised Failsafe SAFE001]