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Sticky Filth

'Hey Creep' 7" single cover by Rob Haakman


Hugely popular Christchurch hard-rock all-girl group with a very 90’s riotgrrrl sound and a line-up that changed quite a bit over time. Members have included: Reta Le Quesne, twins Joanne and Sharon Billesdon, Lisa Preston, Fleur Walden Ninakaye Taane-Tinorau and Carla Rotta .

They recorded 2 singles, then had an album and a music video held back by Festival Records in nefarious circumstances.

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Sticky Filth

Craig Radford, Chris Snowden and Dave Hunt – Aucklands top-billing 2nd generation punk outfit. Renowned for their live shows and sub-par recordings, Sticky Filth still continue to re-unite and play killer live shows. Discography Weep Woman Weep [1987? Ima Hitt… Read More »Sticky Filth