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Fucking horrible pop/formula-rock outfit based around Boh Runga (sister of the gracious and supremely talented Bic). Flanked By Kurt Shanks, Chris Van De Geer and Andrew Mclaren.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Mix [1999 Epic 4948842]
  • Magic Line [2001 Sony Music Nz 5049742000]

Awards Etc
Rianz Awards 1998

  • Most Promising Group Of The Year: Stellar*
  • Most Promising Female Vocalist Of The Year: Boh Runga

Tui Awards 1999

  • Single Of The Year: ‘Violent’
  • Album Of The Year: Mix
  • Top Group: Stellar*
  • Top Female Vocalist: Boh Runga
  • Songwriter Of The Year: Boh Runga
  • Top Producer: Tom Bailey
  • Top Engineer: Luke Tomes

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Ron Bridgman


Ron Bridgman is a New Zealand author and spoken word artist with a somewhat suspect past.

After delving in a little too much chemical supplements and dealing with anxious and depressing times during the early 00’s, Bridgeman began writing fictional material, and eventually recorded an album with Stellar*’s Kurt Shanks producing the musical backing.


  • Ron Bridgeman (Vocals)
  • Kurt Shanks (Guitar)


  • White Hot Earth (2003, Muse, MCD70101.2)