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Six Volts

The Mutton Birds

Biography Probably Don McGlashan’s most famous song-writing vehicle, the Mutton Birds achieved considerable success in the 1990’s, with a number of successful singles, albums and even award recognition. Originally an Auckland-based trio comprised of McGlashan (pulling double-duty with the theatrical… Read More »The Mutton Birds

Six Volts

Carrying on from Four Volts, Six Volts added Steve Roche and David Long to the original line-up of David and Anthony Donaldson, Neill Duncan and Janet Roddick. Discography Something’s Burning [As 4 Volts 1986 Braille Brai5] The Hills Are Alive… Read More »Six Volts

The Black Sheep

Biography Not to be confused with the U.S. hip-hop outfit, Black Sheep A Wellington-based Avante Garde Jazz Trio, based around the Donaldson brothers rhythm section with Stuart Porter on Saxophone/Clarinet. Members Stuart Porter (Saxophone/Clarinet, 1985) David Donaldson (Double Bass, 1985)… Read More »The Black Sheep

Slim Volume

Ex-Six Volts / Mutton Birds guitarist David Long, along with a bevvy of contributors – Peter Daube, Steve Roche, Janet Roddick, Neill Duncan, jazz supremo Chris O’Connor and Fur Patrol vocalist Julia Deans. Discography Come On In [2003 Braille Bra117]… Read More »Slim Volume