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Secret Safari intended to debut in ’97, but the covers for this took over 6 months to handpaint, so it surfaced in may ’98. Solo recordings with sparse guitar cutting through didgeridoo drone on the first track, then going it alone on recordings taken from a solo live to air broadcast.
Secret Safari

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘The Great Southern Dogfight’ / ‘Mycelium Skyson’ 8″ [1998 Secret Safari 01 Cone]


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Secret Safari

Much like Headshy, Secret Safari is essentially a lathe-cut only label, with connections to the unearthing underground resource and Paul Hirsts’ fine Teledu Records mail-order records website. Secret Safari was one of Hirst’s labels (along with the long-running Spotty Dog) that he formed while running the ‘Pretty On The Inside’ record-store in Palmertson North, and has continued as a mail-order service since he relocated to Melbourne.

Hirst describes the label as the more improvisational side of the Headshy / Spotty Dog axis, with a primarily improv focus from the likes of artists Birchville Cate Motel, Lugosi, and the original Palmerston North roster of Bongo Bunny, Schawami and She Camel Of God.

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  • Secret Safari Website [Official Website]

  • Secret Safari Email [Label Email]

  • +61 3 9387 2668 [Phone Number]

  • Secret Safari

  • Po Box 2028

  • Brunswick East

  • Vic 3057

  • Australia [Postal Address]

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She Camel Of God

Palmerston North based all-female drone outfit with a penchant for bass guitar feedback that featured Elise Bishop (Universal Joint).

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Consequences Lathe-Cut Lp [Secret Safari 03cones]
  • She Camel Of God Lathe-Cut Lp / Cassette [Secret Safari / Freedom From Ff0032]


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Spotty Dog

The first of a trio of labels (along with Secret Safari and the more recent Headshy) that have been releasing material by underground Palmertson North artists (usually of a rock nature) since 1994. Initially releasing a series of compilation tapes (the Hard Of Hearing series), albums by Meat Market and even written material by local author Andrea Herrick – the label has since become sporadic in nature with only occasional releases.

With the label-heads spreading across the globe as the 1990s wore on, Paul Hirst continues the label as part of his Teledu records mail-order records website, though it seems no new material has been released since the late 1990s.

Compilation Discography
Picks In Bold

  • Hard Of Hearing No. 1 [1994 01spots]
  • Hard Of Hearing No. 2 [1994 03spots]
  • Hard Of Hearing No. 3 [1995 09spots]


  • Spotty Dog

    Contact Details

  • Spotty Dog Email [Label Email]
  • +61 3 9387 2668 [Phone Number]
  • Headshy
  • Po Box 2028
  • Brunswick East
  • Vic 3057
  • Australia [Postal Address]
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    Debut release from a Palmerston North import from Hawkes Bay who’s now resident in Dunedin. Beautiful low-key solo guitar pieces.
    Secret Safari

    Discography (picks in bold)

    • ‘The Clear Lakes’ / ‘Falling Through’ 7″ [Secret Safari Cones 02]


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    Birchville Cat Motel


    Extremely prolific Wellington experimental sound-artist who also records his given name of Campbell Kneale, and as a founding member of such varied performance outfits as Lugosi, Hataitai Bowling Club, Black Boned Angel etc.

    Kneale has been making music since the mid 90’s, accumulating a vast amount of (usually) limited edition CDr releases and building a name for himself overseas, were he receives a considerably higher profile (though due to the nature of his music – quite abstract, this popularity is limited to an appreciative cult following).

    Though primarily the alias of Kneale, Birchville Cat Motel recordings often featured like-minded improvisational musicians, such as the superb Jewelled Wings on Freedom From. An all acoustic, no overdue stew of drone and clatter driven by just about any household item imaginable (one such moment devolves into an orchestra of wind-tubes), the recording features prominent Wellington artists Kieran Monaghan and Bill Wood (Surface of the Earth).

    In 2002 I had the pleasure of conducting an email interview with Kneale, before I was really too familiar with his work. Kneale was candid and satirical, which lead to a rather entertaining interview, that can be read here.

    Kneale has since gone on to establish quite a name for himself in underground circles, with Wellingtons improvisation scene being touted as something of a second-coming for New Zealand outsider music.


    • Campbell Kneale


    • Birchville Cat Motel & Small Blue Torch – Split ‎(Cass)(1995, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Birchville Cat Motel & Small Blue Torch – Split (1996, Small Blue Recordings)
    • Untitled CDr (1997, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Birchville Cat Motel (1997, Insample / Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, In004)
    • Love, Lies, Bleeding ‎(Cass, C60)(1998, American Tapes, AM059)
    • Birchville Cat Motel / Small Blue Torch – China Slope / L.P ‎(Cass)(1998, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Birchville Cat Motel / rhBand – Childrens Prayer To The Fourteen Good Angels ‎(Lathe, 8″, Cle)(1998, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Tinfoilteeth ‎(Lathe, 8″, Shape, Squ)(1998, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Split Lathe-Cut 7″ / Cassette (W/ Eso Steel 1998, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Siberian Earth Curve (1998, Drunken Fish Records, DFR43
    • Blankangelspace (1999, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Lion of Eight Thousand Generations LP (1999 Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers)
    • A Muslin Veil of Bravery (1999, Spite, SPITE45)
    • Cranes Are Sleeping (2000, Ecstatic Peace!)
    • Vespertine CDr (2000, Last Visible Dog, LVD022)
    • Swarming Tamagotchi Plague CDr (2000, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Shapeshifter (2000, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Crop Circle Empires (2000, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • She Feckless Steed ‎(Cass, C30)(2000, White Tapes, whi25.CS)
    • Birchville Cat Motel / MSBR & Eso Steel – Droop Drone Drops ‎(CDr)(2001, Denshi Zatsuon, DZ-CDR002)
    • Jewelled Wings (2001, Freedom From, FF100)
    • We Count These Prayers LP (2001, Corpus Hermeticum, Hermes037
    • Serene Trajectories Split CDr (w/ Esosteel 2002, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Home CDr (2002, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Mighty Spine Catcher CDr (2002, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Zenkoji CDr (2002, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Birchville Cat Motel vs. The Ecstasy Trio (w/ The Ecstasy Trio 2002, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • September CDr (2002, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • White Gound Elder 2 x CDr (2002, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Creeping Frost Onset CDr (2002, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Summer’s Seething Pulse (2003, Mar/ino Recordings)
    • Assholes of the World Unite and Hunt in Packs CDr (w/ Guilty Connector 2003, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Untitled Split Cd (W/ Bruce Russell 2003, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Copenhagen (2003, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Beautiful Speck Triumph (2004, Last Visible Dog)
    • Nurse (2004, Fencing Flatworm Recordings, ff027)
    • With Maples Ablaze (2004, Scarcelight Recordings, slr21)
    • Chi Vampires (2004, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 1008)
    • Birchville Cat Motel With Lee Ranaldo – 30th December 2004 (2005, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 1011)
    • Black Void Orange Cat (2005, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Birchville Cat Motel / A.M.* / DEL – Live At Cuba Street Carnival & Huttstock (2005, TWR Tapes)
    • Firepower Fragrant Cloud (2005, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Birchville Cat Motel / Opaque – Untitled (2006, Kovorox Sound, KOVO-019)
    • Bees & Wasps ‎(Cass, Ltd, C30)(2006, Beyond Repair Records, Beyond Repair Records 014)
    • Our Love Will Destroy The World (2006, PseudoArcana, PACD075)
    • Her Anger Is Limitless (2006, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Curved Surface Destroyer ‎(3xCD) (2006, Last Visible Dog, LVD 105/106/107)
    • Birchville Cat Motel & Yellow Swans – Birchville Cat Motel & Yellow Swans ‎(2006, Important Records (2), IMPREC117)
    • Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel – Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel (2007, Conspiracy Records)
    • Seventh Ruined Hex ‎(2007, Important Records (2), IMPREC169)
    • Bird Sister Blasphemy ‎(2007, Battlecruiser)
    • Birds Call Home Their Dead ‎(2007, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 1019)
    • Birchville Cat Motel With Anla Courtis – Three Sparkling Echoes ‎(2007, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 1018)
    • Astro Catastrophies ‎(2007, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Four Freckle Constellation (2008, Conspiracy Records (2))
    • Second Curved Surface Destroyer )(2008, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Gunpowder Temple Of Heaven (2008, Pica Disk, PICA004)
    • Came A Great Stallion Whose First Leap Sparked The Celestial Star (2011, Don’t Fuck With Magic, DFWM-009)
    • Glamourpuss (Unknown, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • The Stripey Tape (Unknown, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Birchville Cat Motel & Lugosi – Split (Unknown, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Holy Mother Of God ‎(Cass, EP, C10)(1995, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Birchville Cat Motel / Eso Steel – Split ‎(7″, Cle)(1997, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Grey Wolves Gather / Blue Jewel Drift ‎(Lathe, 7″)(1998, Secret Safari, 07 cones)
    • Fountain And The Love Of Tokyo ‎(Lathe, 7″)(1998, Animal Kingdom)
    • China Slope ‎(Lathe, 12″)(1998, Stabbies And The Rocket Recordings)
    • Crestfallen / Winters Crackling Glory 2 versions(2002, Killer, Killer)
    • Glass Harvest Mason ‎(7″, Num)(2003, Veglia, veglia12)
    • Screamformelongbeach ‎(CDr, Mini)(2003, PseudoArcana, PA025)
    • Birchville Cat Motel & Reynols – Split ‎(12″)(2004, Reverse Recordings, rev-001)
    • Stellar Collapse ‎(CDr, Mini)(2005, Kning Disk, 20)
    • Small Christian Victories ‎(CDr, Mini)(2006, diagnosis… DON’T! reCoRdings, DONT013)
    • The Frog Prince ‎(7″, S/Sided)(2007, Anthem Records)
    • Untitled ‎(Unknown, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Invisible ‎(Unknown, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Long Vanished Spirals ‎(2002, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Chaos Steel Skeletons: Three ‎(2xCDr, Comp, Ltd)(2006, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Chaos Steel Skeletons: Two ‎(2xCDr, Comp, Ltd)(2006, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Chaos Steel Skeletons: One ‎(2xCDr, Comp, Ltd)(2006, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Birchville Cat Motel, Charalambides, Tarentel – Rockumentaries ‎(3xDVDr, Mini, Ltd)(2008, Nothing Out There, n.o.t.#5b, n.o.t.#5c, n.o.t.#5t)
    • Alpine Pacific Triangle ‎(CDr, Ltd)(2014, Don’t Fuck With Magic)
    • A Tiny Circle Of Throbbing Attics ‎(Cass)(Unknown, Root Don Lonie For Cash, #115)
    • Cyclops Super Trike ‎(Cass)(Unknown, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Birchville Cat Motel / Ashtray Navigations – Birchville Cat Motel / Ashtray Navigations ‎(Lathe, 8″, Pic)(Unknown, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
    • Birchville Cat Motel & 010010 – Untitled ‎(Cass, C60)(Unknown, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)