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Secret Safari


Obscure solitary release from Michael Webby on short-lived Palmerston North based underground lathe-cut label Secret Safari.

Debut release from a Palmerston North import from Hawkes Bay who’s now resident in Dunedin. Beautiful low-key solo guitar pieces.

– Secret Safari

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She Camel Of God

Palmerston North based all-female drone outfit with a penchant for bass guitar feedback that featured Elise Bishop (Universal Joint). Discography Consequences Lathe-Cut Lp [Secret Safari 03cones] She Camel Of God Lathe-Cut Lp / Cassette [Secret Safari / Freedom From Ff0032]… Read More »She Camel Of God

Secret Safari

Much like Headshy, Secret Safari is essentially a lathe-cut only label, with connections to the unearthing underground resource and Paul Hirsts’ fine Teledu Records mail-order records website. Secret Safari was one of Hirst’s labels (along with the long-running Spotty Dog)… Read More »Secret Safari

Birchville Cat Motel

Extremely prolific Wellington experimental sound-artist who also records his given name of Campbell Kneale, and as a founding member of such varied performance outfits as Lugosi, Hataitai Bowling Club, Black Boned Angel etc.

Kneale has been making music since the mid 90’s, accumulating a vast amount of (usually) limited edition CDr releases and building a name for himself overseas, were he receives a considerably higher profile (though due to the nature of his music – quite abstract, this popularity is limited to an appreciative cult following).

Spotty Dog

The first of a trio of labels (along with Secret Safari and the more recent Headshy) that have been releasing material by underground Palmertson North artists (usually of a rock nature) since 1994. Initially releasing a series of compilation tapes… Read More »Spotty Dog


Secret Safari intended to debut in ’97, but the covers for this took over 6 months to handpaint, so it surfaced in may ’98. Solo recordings with sparse guitar cutting through didgeridoo drone on the first track, then going it… Read More »Schawami