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Second Child

Bygone Era

Bygone Era were a prominent but short-lived late 1980’s rock group with hardcore punk aspirations, during an era when New Zealand had few hardcore punk groups.

They put out an EP, and a split 7″ with The Warners on Onslaught Records label (run by vocalist Rowan Coffey’s brother Simon) before breaking up in 1989, their full length album ‘Get Airborne’ coming out posthumously.

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Second Child

Low-profile Wildside rock outfit comprised of [future solo artist] Damien Binder, Chris Van De Geer, Theo Jackson, Luke Casey and Isaac Tucker. Discography Magnet Cd Ep [1991 Wildside L28039] Hold Back Cd Single [1993 Wildside 11441] Crumble Cd Single [1995… Read More »Second Child

Damien Binder

Biography Damien Binder is an Auckland-based singer-songwriter in the Greg Johnson mold with a couple of independently recorded and released albums under his belt. Binder was previously the front-man for pop-grunge group Second Child. Binder has had success through-out the… Read More »Damien Binder


Former Rip It Pp editor Murray Cammick formed Wildside in 1991, releasing material from Wellington acts Freak Power, Second Child and Rumblefish, but didn’t really become the icon of Wellington hard rock it was in the mid 90s until both… Read More »Wildside