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Secret Safari intended to debut in ’97, but the covers for this took over 6 months to handpaint, so it surfaced in may ’98. Solo recordings with sparse guitar cutting through didgeridoo drone on the first track, then going it alone on recordings taken from a solo live to air broadcast.
Secret Safari

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘The Great Southern Dogfight’ / ‘Mycelium Skyson’ 8″ [1998 Secret Safari 01 Cone]


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Secret Safari

Much like Headshy, Secret Safari is essentially a lathe-cut only label, with connections to the unearthing underground resource and Paul Hirsts’ fine Teledu Records mail-order records website. Secret Safari was one of Hirst’s labels (along with the long-running Spotty Dog) that he formed while running the ‘Pretty On The Inside’ record-store in Palmertson North, and has continued as a mail-order service since he relocated to Melbourne.

Hirst describes the label as the more improvisational side of the Headshy / Spotty Dog axis, with a primarily improv focus from the likes of artists Birchville Cate Motel, Lugosi, and the original Palmerston North roster of Bongo Bunny, Schawami and She Camel Of God.

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