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Satellite Spies

Mainstream kiwi pop-rock group out of Auckland with a very disputed history thanks to a split between the two key members – frontman and original song-writer Mark Loveys and guitarist / vocalist Deane Sutherland (aka Tommy Joy).

Best known for their 1985 hit ‘Destiny in Motion’ and the 1994 single ‘It must be love’ – released by Sutherland’s later edition of the group.

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Car Crash Set

Biography 3-piece Auckland new wave act from the early/mid 80’s featuring Nigel Russell (Spelling Mistakes, Danse Macabre), David Bulog and Trevor Reekie, though they went through many other members. After an EP and an album the band disbanded with Russell… Read More »Car Crash Set

National Anthem

Anthony Johns, Craig Smith, Michael Harrolambi, Mike Chunn, Dave Major, Steve Garden And With Guest Appearances From The Newton Hoons Horn Section. Discography One Day Different [1986 Reaction Real035] 4 Good Reasons Ep [1987 Reaction] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s… Read More »National Anthem