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New blog dedicated to sharing ideas about how Christchurch can rebuild with Cycling and Recreational ideas in mind. A great cause and well worth checking out, with heaps of links to important information about cycle culture and improving cities.

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Earthquake part 2

… luckily all my flatmates, girlfriend and even house are fine (except for liqufication lines running through my section producing a small foundation crack and ruining the vege plot…) – despite this quake having a significantly larger impact than the September quake I’ve come out pretty lucky.

However Avonside is an absolute mess, and it does not appear where going to have to any of the crucial services any time soon. In fact as the days weeny on I have began to feel more isolated on the east side of town.

I’ve witnessed other areas getting their power and even water back and the police and army presence makes it feel like there is action going on, however things are very tricky over this side of town.

Not only do we lack primal facilities, due to the way Avonside and Linwood are framed by the city centres 4 Aves (which have police patrols preventing entry) and river banks (of which most bridges have been destroyed), and the fact that all schools and shops within our suburbs appear to be non-operation, its gotten a little desperate to say the least!

Thankfully things have improved in the last day, mostly due to discovering stanmore road and the supermarket on the other side in richmond being open for business. However I’ve still struggled with the lack of sewerage (its a 2km cycle to Cowle stadium for portaloos), and I’m awaiting power to be returned with baited breath…

Water has thankfully become a lot more plentiful with the opening of a huge amount of artisian wells – although they still require water to be boiled before use.

Its been tricky but I’ve really appreciated the community spirit and comradeship through these tough times. Quick visits to me friends place in St Albans have become a regular thing not only for me but a variety of our friends; indulging in their water, phone charging capabilities and yes TV coverage (odd that the people involved in earthquakes get to see so little of the footage?).

So were soldering on. Over the past 4 days I’ve trudged through 2 feet of water main flooding to visit familiy, I’ve expereinced breadline living and pined for a hot meal, and I’ve delightedly in the simple pleasures like shooting the breeze with my friends under candle light and taking a much needed spung bath… of course there are plenty of trying days ahead…

Christchurch Rambling

The 2nd Christchurch Earthquake

It’s now been 4 days since the Christchurch earthquake, you’ll have to excuse my typing as I’m still without power (or water or sewerage) so I’m posting via my android phone.

During the quake I was working in Lyttelton – Christchurch’s port town and the center of the 6.3, 5km deep quake.

I was a little lost about what to do during the shaking – I watched my co-workers hit the ground so I followed suit, before we pulled out on to the streets.

Turns out the building we were in was falling apart – along with most of Lyttelton. I saw a distraught Oscar looking over his beloved El Santo and avoided the towering, leaning Harbour Light while walking around stunned.

Possibly the only cycle-commuter in Lyttelton, i decided to brave the hills as I still hadn’t made contact with my girlfriend or family. Certain Evan’s pass would be impassable I headed around the bays taking in the views of Cass, Corsair and Pegasus before climbing over the breach.

I encountered gigantic boulders as I made my way towards Sugarloaf but was relieved to leave the port and head down towards the Canterbury plains. First stop was my grandparents in lower cashmere, relieved they were ok, they passed on news that my mum had just been there and she was heading towards my sisters. My next move then was to track down my girlfriend Johanna and then evaluate my house.

I flew across Cashmere, Barrington and Addington, overtaking the gridlocked cars and avoiding great mountains of liquification before reaching her working in Linwood. Appearing that everyone had already left I pedalled quickly across Linwood and headed home…



Johanna and I and our families all appear to be fine. I was in Lyttelton when the quake struck but it seems no one was killed that side of the hills despite the massive damage. Our thoughts go out to those that have lost family and we hope things will return to normal as soon as possible.

Chris Andrews

Live Music Reviews and Photos

Campus A Low Hum 2011: Day 2, Part 1

Day 2 was EPIC.


Had the occasional brief encounters with the early bands – Melbourne duo Freddy Fudd-Pucker, Tantrums 2nd set, Karl Stevens other new band Heart Attack Alley, Dear Time’s Waste from Auckland, Great Earthquake once more and Orchestra of Spheres; but didn’t really settle in until Grayson Gilmour hit the main stage. Seems like he was playing a variety of new songs, based around his piano and emotive vocals – cool stuff; though the sun was definitely taking its toll on those of us braving the main stage.

Thankfully the FANTASTIC Old Loaves from Wellington were then playing in the Barn. Hot damn these guys are great. i described them at the time as kinda like the Gordons, but I guess maybe more straight forward and with a pretty brutal edge. Really really dug these guys, and they got a great crowd response from the fellow Christchurch lads in the crowd.Next up Wet Wings had a go at the full line-up, with Matt scobie joining Darian, Lucy and Jon in the Pool. there was even time for a little dancing this time around.

Wet Wings at Campus
Wet Wings at Campus

Saw a little of Mothers of Darkness – a pretty straight forward band; but headed off pretty early, I think this time around catching a renegade room double of No Aloha and new outfit Etiquette. Although No Aloha will be faimilar to Christchurch and Wellington audience (and features basically the Insurgents performing new songs). Etiquette are a brand new band with a few familiar faces; and I must admit I took a shine to this new band immediately. Mark turners a pretty great front-man, and with catchy call-and-response vocals I was an instant fan.

Teen Hygiene at Camous
Teen Hygiene at Camous

Teen Hygiene seem to have a gimmick – their drummer likes playing ‘high’; though not in the typicalsense; he’d stacked up a giant drum riser in the barn, and later better that by playing on the roof of the bike sheds (in scorching sunlight). Seem like a pretty straight ahead rock band out of Wellington.

I missed Alphabethead, though I believe I did later see him (along with James Dansey of the Sneaks) clean up in the 3-on-3 b-ball competition. Next band I didn’t catch were Lowtide – and Aussie shoegazey outfit notable for their use of twin bassists. Good stuff; with cool twin vocals too.

Low Tide at Campus

After a painfully sunny day though, the beast was to come once the sun came down…


The Music Industry is Dead (apparantly)

I’ve gotten emails from two seperate people – Oscar (who runs El Santo here in Lyttelton/Christchurch) and Ian (aka Blink of A Low Hum fame) who are starting up new record stores int he coming months. Seriously thats a turn up for the books.

Oscar’s Lyttelton store is gonna be called Evil Genius and he’s gonna stock a whole heap of Vinyl, Posters and other collectable, design type stuff.

Come and explore our new store. New screen printed tee’s, art, toys, Vinyl and CD’s… Featuring live @ 4pm… Ryan Prebble (Nudge, Spartacus R, Fly my Prettys) , The Coffin Surfin Corpse of the Mysterious Tapeman, BAD EVIL and secret guests, BBQ and refreshments. MOO AH HA HA

Also for all you musician… Wanna stock your warez in Evil Genius?
Email us @

Blink’s starting a Cafe/Record store type deal and here’s the blurb:


So, you know how the music retail industry is dying, well dead? I thought I’d open a record store!

Man. I have done some stupid stuff in my life, but this definitely takes the cake. But, hey… as the name suggests, it’s just Temporary.

Me and Davis have started a weird little café in Wellington at 13 Dixon Street that sells Vinyl, CDs, Cassettes, Merch, Tshirts, Art, Coffee, Food, Drinks, Posters, Zines, Books and MP3s!

Our official opening is on Wednesday 16th February, but we’re open sporadic hours at the moment if you want to drop by before then! We’ve already got some choice stuff in stock, but will be getting heaps more over the coming weeks.

We’ll be selling Mp3s as well, some for pay-as-you-like, all you need to do is bring in a USB stick or we’ll burn you a CD.

You should like us on Facebook, even if you don’t like us in real life:!/pages/Temporary/131007860297669

Come in and say hey!

If you’d like to stock some stuff at TEMPORARY, email me!

Lastly; I just caught the mighty Eastern busking down on London Street, on this glorious sunny day. Good to see those guys again and with such a capable line-up these days – Guitar, Banjo, Upright Bass, Violin and Mandolin – choice as.


Nearly there…

Sorry about all the old, disorganized content messing up the site; i’m gradually cleaning things up and restoring all that content. obviously there’s gonna be a bunch of broken links and whatnot too…


RDU’s Going Private, Assets Sold Off for $2

So apparently RDU has been doing the sneaky and turned itself into a private organization; which is a bit of a shock to those of us who are volunteers and all…


from stuff:

RDU sale upsets students

28 November 2006


Canterbury University’s student radio station has been sold for $1 without the knowledge of its student body.

According to confidential documents and emails given to The Press, the University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA) decided to sell the student station’s RDU brand to newly formed private company RDU 98.5FM Ltd for $1 earlier this month. Its office and equipment have also been sold to the company for $1, while its frequency will be sub-licensed.

The decision has not yet been made public and was made behind closed doors in a secret ballot.

The new operators, who The Press understands include people involved with the current station, will take over the day-to-day running, from February 1 next year.

Confidential documents on the sale have been circulated around the university campus and many students are angry they were left out of the decision-making process.

UCSA executive board member Dan Bason resigned from the board two days after the decision because he felt students should have been consulted on the sale. “It’s a student-owned radio station and the students are getting no say in its future. Everything’s been done behind closed doors,” Bason said.

“Most of the people I’ve talked to sort of are quite disappointed with it. They see RDU as part of the student culture and part of the student persona and the fact that its fate’s been decided without their consultation


Real Groove Magazine

So apparently got mentioned in RealGroove magazine this month as Top 10 distractions from work or something to that accord. Sweet! Still Im on a bit of a downer about the current status, theres just not enough updating being done outside of gig listings and photos.

I need help!

Disasteradio! performing at A Low Hum

Bios, Discogs, Album and Gig reviews; photos, you name it. The new setup should make it fairly easy to post or at least comment on the material on the site, and Im really keen for user involvement, Ive even been considering converting it into a wiki-style content driven by the masses type setup; but Im kinda wary of spam comments and the like.
Oh and talking of RealGroove; their CD comp this month is choice; ChCh-town is represented by Frase+Bri, Not So Experimental, the Tiger Tones, Pig Out Its basically a homage to the fabbo Camp A Low Hum due to the mighty Stevie Kaye and Chris Cudby (aka Dancing Stevie and Super-Force / Half of Golden-Axe) who are prevalent writers for that lot now. Yah for the return of relevant indie music journalism in New Zealand!


Stuck On Hold…

Just been stuck on hold with Telecom; with the ole’ New Zealand Music Industry cranking over choons from Davey D to Lady Bic and noticed that miss runga’s new single has a certain little piano motif that sounds an awful lot like one Carol King’s uber-hit It’S Too Late Baby…. Surely that can’t be an accident?

Maybe Bic’s treading the same fine line of tribute that’s seen a bunch of television adverts imitate popular tracks recently; the Violent Femmes are a common target, NZ’s own D4 were mimicked in an Export Gold ad (remember Export Gold has apparently built an identity of being ‘The Beer To Enjoy When Seeing Live Music’, Tui is all about ‘Having A Good Laugh With Your Mates’ etc…), though it actually WAS Sir David on the Labour party ads a couple years back.