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Rob Mayes’ mighty Failsafe Records, a committed independent label that is as part of Christchurch as a warm Nor-Wester.

The original home of many Christchurch bands who went on to big things, as well as a great many undiscovered gems who didn’t – as well as being a great resource for those bands who saw their material ignored on higher profile labels (see the ‘Biding Our Time‘ compilation).

Their ‘Avalanche‘ compilation (named after Mayes’ recording studio) is a classic, and a firm snapshot of quality Christchurch pop.

In 2004 and into 2005 Mayes formulated a series of reissues, archival compilations, live recording released as the ‘Retrogenic’ series, compiling unreleased music from the likes of 8 Living Legs, Children’s Hour, YFC and a huge catalog of Pop Mechanix material.

Around this time the Electrode off-shoot electronic label was also brought about with the release of the ‘Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep‘ compilation.

Compilation Discography

  • Accident Cassette (1984, 002)
  • Biding Out Time Cassette (1986, 006)
  • South Cassette (1987, 007)
  • Keepin’ Secrets (2005, 079CD)
  • Accident Reissue (2005, 002CD)
  • Biding Out Time Reissue (2005, 006CD)
  • South Reissue (2005, 007CD)
  • Do Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep (Released On The Electrode Imprint 2005, ELEC001)
  • Keepin’ Secrets (2005, 079CD)

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Pop Mechanix

paul mason, chris moore, paul scott, kevin emmett, dick driver, andrew snoid, mark bell and peter warren. pop mechanix were a pop-driven rock band fronted by the enigmatic driver. paul scott was quite an accomplished song-writer, who eventually went on to form australian outfit montana.

in 2005 failsafe released a series of pop mechanix albums, compiling a huge grab-bag of unreleased material from the groups entire tenure.

picks in bold

  • ‘now’/’radio song’ 7″ single [1980 ripper RIP005]
  • ‘jumping out of a window’/’way i dance’ 7″ single [1981 xsf  XS001]
  • cowboys and engines [1982 xsf XS007]
  • pop mechanix ep [1985 hit singlesHITM025]
  • now: singles and demos 1979-1981 [2005 failsafe067CD]
  • zoo: lost in australia 1981 – 1983 [2005 failsafe068CD]
  • acceptance: reform, restart, redirect 1985 – 1986 [2005 failsafe069CD]
  • live kicks: live performance 1986 [2005 failsafe070CD]
  • alright here: make or break 1987 – 1987 [2005 failsafe 071CD]