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The Rhubarb Collective

Andrew Cavanagh, Matthew Garrett, Andrew Penman and James Wilkinson.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Happy Anniversary Darling [1988 W/ Pihed Curious Mr12188]


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The starting point for two key members of the Christchurch Music Community, Pihed featured Andrew Penman on Bass / Vocals (Rhubarb Collective, Golf Course Alligators, Salmonella Dub – Curious George Records), Tom Mahon – Guitar / Lead Vocal (Rhubarb Collective, Strange Loves, Holy Toledos, Del Burgers), Caroline O’Neil – Vocals (Blue Marbles), Bede Pascoe – Electric Piano, Andrew Cavanagh – Drums (Rhubarb Collective).

The band recorded a set of songs with their then live sound engineer Rob Mayes at Penman’s Christchurch flat, utilizing hired PA equipment and a borrowed 4 track. The results ended up on a split album with The Rhubarb Collective, one track –¬†“Slow Haze”¬†only available on the Failsafe Records Compilation South.

These sessions were the first of Rob Mayes mobile studio recordings which would provide the Failsafe Label with most of its material. The results were rough, and reverb heavy, this being the first time he or the band had seen a digital reverb, let alone used one.

The band eventually mutated into the Rhubarb Collective featuring Penman and Cavanagh, as well as guitarist James Wilkinson (Lap Dogs, Rua, various respected folk projects, and brother of Scott Wilkinson of Ballon d’Essai), and vocalist / Guitarist Matthew Garrett.

– Rob Mayes on Failsafe Records


  • Andrew Penman (Bass/Vocals)
  • Tom Mahon (Guitar/Vocals)
  • Caroline O’Neil (Vocals)
  • Bede Pascoe (Keyboards)
  • Andrew Cavanagh (Drums)


  • Happy Anniversary Darling (w/ The Rhubarh Collective, 1988)