r artists

Rhythm Cage

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Break Our Backs ep [1988 Pagan PAGT1033]


s artists


Darren Watson.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Chicago Smokeshop [1989 Pagan Pal1045]
  • So Glad [1990 Pagan Pal1059]
  • So Glad Ep [1991 Pagan 1063]


t artists

Tin Soldiers

John Howell, Richard Fitzpatrick, Andrew Barsby, Mark Orbell And Tane Griffin.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Hell Of A Time [1993 Pagan Pacd1109]


w artists

Wasp Factory

3 piece pop-punk band out of Gisborne featuring Martin Kirk, Mark Revington and Jason Fawcett. A couple of releases on the tiny F Star label, along with an appearance on the Positive Vibrations compilation on Pagan, showing influence from american punk pop like Husker Du, Dead Kennedys, Cramps etc.

I left the Flaming Stars to form the Wasp Factory With Mark Revington (Bass) and Jason Fawcett (Drums). We released an eponymous album in 1986 (FS002) and a 4-track EP, ‘Hick-Hate’ in February 1987 (FS003). The tracks on the album were ‘Eric’s Song’, ‘TV Scream’, ‘Australia’, ‘Dream’, ‘I Won’t Be There’, ‘Watch Your Back’, ‘Sunday Room’, ‘Work’, ‘Crimes Of Passion’ And ‘Age Away’.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Wasp Factory [1986 F Star FS002]
  • Hick Hate EP [1987 F Star FS003]


s artists


Mark Tierney and Paul Casserley’s production outfit, the Strawpeople have been a vehicle for many talented kiwi female focalist – with Fiona McDonald, Bic Runga and Stephanie Tauevihi gracing a number of their hit singles. Unfortunately at times their late 90s albums sound a little too close to their contemporaries in massive attack (an obvious comparison), which is not helped by their almost session musician approach to recording songs.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Hemisphere [1990 Pagan Pal1067]
  • Have A Little Faith Ep [1992 Pagan Pal1089]
  • Worldservice [1993 Pagan Pac1086]
  • Under The Milky Way Ep [1994 Epic]
  • Crying Ep [1994 Epic 660954.2]
  • Broadcast [1994 Epic 477675.2]
  • Vicarious [1996 Epic 485270.2]
  • 100 Street Transistors [1997 Columbia]
  • No New Messages [2000 Epic 495498.2]
  • The Best Of 1990 > 2000 [Compilation 2000 Epic 5011412000]
  • Count Backwards From 10 [2004 Crs 5173692000]

Awards Etc
Rianz Awards 1990

  • Most Promising Group Of The Year :The Strawpeople
  • Sound Engineer Of The Year: The Strawpeople

Rianz Awards 1993

  • Producer Of The Year: The Strawpeople

Apra Silver Scroll 1995

  • Song Writing Award: Straw People – ‘Sweet Disorder’

Rianz Awards 1995

  • Songwriter Of The Year: Mark Tieey / Paul Casserly / Anthony Iosa [Straw People]

Rianz Awards 1996

  • Album Of The Year: Straw People – Vicarious


t artists

Tex Pistol

Ian Morris’ successful late 80s pop troupe. Had hits with the Nobody Else single (from the debut album of the same name) featuring Morris’ brother Rikki on lead vocal, and its pre-cursive single ‘The Game Of Love’.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • ‘Nobody Else’/’Wilf’ 7″ Single [1988 Pagan]
  • Nobody Else [1988 Pagan]

Awards Etc

Rianz Awards 1987

  • Sound Engineer Of The Year: Ian Morris

Rianz Awards 1988

  • Songwriter Of The Year: Rikki Morris


t artists

This Boy Rob

Greg Johnson And John Fraser.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Crazy Notions EP [1987 Pagan Pagt1026]


e artists

En Can M.A.


A very strange band but also strangely good from 1982-4.

These guys had some connection with the Auckland group The Features. Guitarist/singer Ljinon sharing a similar shard like guitar style and vocal approach to The Features.

The band had some sort of abstract art thing going and could either be really good or bloody awful depending on the night. They feature Vince Pinker on bass guitar, who later went on to be part of the resurrected Gordons (sans Alistair Parker), and a few drummers.

‘Eat Shit’ was actually quite cool to watch live and i remember watching Ljinon playing the guitar stabs in this song and slicing his fingers on the guitar strings, bleeding all over his guitars white scratch plate.

At the end of the song he asked the bemused audience if anyone had a band aid. no one did.

– Rob Mayes

Recorded a song that was including on Mayes’ Accident Compilation for his Failsafe Records label, and a 2nd track on Pagan’s Spins and Needles compilation.

Ljinon would eventually go on to form 3Guesses.

The group resurfaced in 2014 playing a New Zealand Music Month event at a Wairarapa Library!


  • Ljinon Manson (Guitar/Vocals, 1982 – 1985)
  • Vince Pinker (Bass, 1982 – 1983)
  • Bevan Sweeney (Drums, 1982)
  • Chris Orange (Drums, 1982)
  • Lis Cotter (Drums, 1982 – 1983)
  • Floyd Rudolph (Drums/Backing Vocals, 1985)
  • Trent Revell (Bass, 1985)
  • Eric Android (Drums, 1986?)
  • Shayne O’Neill (Guitar, 1986?)




e artists

Everything That Flies

Short-lived vocal-pop outfit fronted by a young Dianne Swan (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard), formed alongside Clive and Bruce Sheridan (Guitar, Keyboard) and Steve Wesley. Other members included Warren Richardson (Drums), Mark Agree (Bass), and Later Peter Harrison (Keyboards, Vocals), David Manning (Bass, Vocals) and Wayne Bell, (Drums, Vocals).

Picked up a video of the year award for their debut ep, then promptly disbanded – with Swan releasing a solo 7″ single, before joining ex-Mocker Brett Adams in England to form Julie Dolphin.
Swan and Adams have since resurfaced back in New Zealand with the Bads, and have a debut album about to be released through Stephen Mccarthy’s new label South Recordings.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Bleeding Hearts EP
  • As The Sun Goes Down [1986 Pagan]


Record Labels


long-standing corporate label, home of a bevy of mainstream artists in a wide swag of commercial genres, with a catelogue stretching back to 1985 and focused on jazz, roots, r’n’b and country (with some outlet into pop and rock). in the 90s pagan also extended into the independent market with branch label antenna.
compilation discography
picks in bold

  • fruit salad rn
  • bridge to nowhere soundtrack [1986]
  • queen street rocker soundtrack [1986]
  • pagan shakedown [1987]

contact details
if available

  • trevor reekie [a&r email contact]
  • tim moon [label managing director]
  • +64 9 302-3228 [phone number]
  • +64 9 302-3229 [fax number]
  • pagan records rn
  • po box 47-290 rn
  • ponsonby rn
  • auckland rn
  • new zealand [postal address]