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2nd generation pop rockers that aren’t too bad.

A young Liam (son of Neil) Finn started playing music in his pre-teen years, and he developed quite an ear for good melody. Joined by Matt Eccles (son of Australian hero Brent Eccles of The Angels), Chris Garland and Joe Bramley, they continued to improve and improve, both live and on record beyond their teenage years.

For quite a time they were a very popular across New Zealand and then spreading into Australia, building up a strong catalog of singles and albums, having a heavy video presence, whilst still retaining some level of independent credibility – even splitting from Flying Nun around the time of their amalgamation into the international Festival Mushroom Group.

Eventually Finn would go on to record his own solo material, finding even further success.


  • Liam Finn (Guitar/Vocals, 1997 – 2006)
  • Matt Eccles (Drums, 1997 – 2006)
  • Chris Garland (Guitar, 1997 – 2006)
  • Joe Bramley (Bass/Vocals, 1997 – 2006)


  • Betchadupa EP (2000, Flying Nun Records, FN445)
  • The 3D EP (2001, Flying Nun Records, FN455)
  • Awake CD Single (2001, Sputnik Records, NZROCKPRO1)
  • Dirty Creature (w/ King Kapisi 2001, Self-Released)
  • Man On My Left CD Single (2001, Sputnik Records, NZROCKPRO2)
  • Sleepy News EP (2002, Flying Nun Records, FN461)
  • Supa Day Single (2002, Flying Nun Records, FN464)
  • The Alphabetchadupa (2002, Flying Nun Records, FN465)
  • Move Over EP (2003, Liberation Music, LIBSP5086.2)
  • Who’s Coming Through The Window EP (2004, Liberation Music, LIBEP6132.2)
  • Aiming For Your Head CD Single (2004, Liberation Music, LIBCD61332)
  • My Army of Birds and Gulls EP (2005, Liberation Music, LIBSP7160.2)



c artists

Edmund Cake


Edmund Cake (aka Edmund McWilliams) is a bit of a cult figure in New Zealand music. Most local music fans would be familiar with his most famous group – the bizarre but super-poppy Bressa Creeting Cake. Others might know his later solo material under his own (fake) name or as subsequent releases as Pie Warmer. However one of the highlights of his early output was in fact a Flying Nun 7″ single under the name Rik Starrr back in 1995.

With a fake Australian back story, Cake spun a couple great tunes, immediately setting a template for future releases.

Cake has always been a dab hand at creating generally humorous and thoroughly eclectic pseudo pop music that spread-forth into many different stylistic directions.

However, after Bressa Creeting Cake went their separate ways, Cake found finding a home for his solo full-length debut -a tight pop package called Downtown Puff – quite a hard effort, despite working alongside Neil Finn on the soundtrack to Christine Jeffs critically lauded film ‘Rain’.

Thankfully after spending two years in limbo the newly established Lil Chief Records (home of contemporary popsters such as the Brunettes and the Nudie Suits) came to the rescue. The album featured contributions from both former Bressa Creeting Cake compadres (Geoff Maddock and Joel Wilton – now of Goldenhorse), along with a plethora of others in a small capacity.

Cake subsequently resurfaced in 2009 with a new group called Pie Warmer, releasing their debut The Fearsome Feeling on Lil’ Chief.


  • Edmond McWilliams


  • Downtown Puff (2005, Lil’ Chief Records, LCR006)



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Crowded House

neil finn’s uber-successful post-split enz band, featuring brother tim and autralian paul hester.
picks in bold

  • crowded house [1986 capitol ST240555]
  • temple of low men [1988 capitol ST748763]
  • woodface [1991 capitol 793559-1]
  • together alone [1993 capitol 27048-2]
  • pineapple head ep [1995 capitol 881647-2]
f artists

Neil Finn

neil finn was originally drafted in to split enz as phil judd’s replacement during their original spell in england. in the time the boys had been away launching themselves in australia and finding their feet in england, neil had developed a reputation as a good guitarist and an excellent song-writer – effectively filling the whole left by judd (who up until that point was actually considered the bands greatest asset). neil finn gained fame and popularity touring with split enz – eventually becoming their primary song-writer – but this exposure was doubled by the m.o.r. success of his own group, crowded house.
crowded house released album after album of finn compositions, forming a huge fan base the world over. after the success of neil and tim’s album as the finn brothers in 1995, the younger neil launched an acclaimed solo career, immediately picking up where crowded house had ended.
picks in bold

  • try whistling this [1998 emi]
  • one nil [2001 emi]
  • 7 worlds collide: live at st. james [2001 live recording emi]

awards et
rianz awards 1987

  • international achievement neil finnrn

rianz awards 1988

  • international achievement neil finnrn

rianz awards 1991

  • songwriter of the year neil finnrn

rianz awards 1998

  • top male vocalist of the year neil finnrn