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The popular 4-piece of Glen Ross (guitar/vocals), Karen McLean (bass/guitar/vocals), Ants Anema (drums/vocals) and Donald Ferns (guitar/bass/vocals) made what they describe as a mix of ‘The Clean, The 3Ds and Bailter Space and the DIY punk ethic of the early days of Flying Nun Records to spew forth their own greasy amalgam of guitar noise, catchy melody, and distinctive weirdness’, and their excellent performances certainly point in that direction.

Donald Ferns and Karen McLean
Donald Ferns and Karen McLean of Onanon

They self recorded and released a CD-r EP, before an album proper in 2004, and have been associated with Aucklands’ Powertool Records label and Ian Jorgenson’s A Low Hum, though their releases came out on their own ‘Madfishwish’ imprint.

The group took a permanent break in 2009 with the dissolution of McLean and Ferns relationship.


  • Glen Ross (Guitar/Vocals)
  • Karen McLean (Bass/Guitar/Vocals)
  • Donald Ferns (Guitar/Bass/Vocals)
  • Ants Anema (Drums/Vocals)
  • Alan Cameron (Drums)


  • Quarterpack CD-r EP (2002, Self-released)
  • Hang on, I’m still mutating (2004, Madfishwish, MFW003)
  • Sneepy EP (2006, Madfishwish, MFW004)