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Luke Buda


The Polish-born front-man (birth-name Lukaz Buda) for downbeat Wellington Popsters The Phoenix Foundation, after two albums Luke Buda has really found his feet as a professional pop song-writer, and found time to write and record his own solo debut in 2006 – the well received Special Suprise, among his groups many successes and the birth of his son.

Featuring contributions from Craig Terris, Rio Hemopo, Luke Benge, Sarah Jane Pardon, Mike Fab, Tom Callwood and the rest of The Phoenix Foundation lads, it reads like a who’s who of Wellington guest performers.


  • Lukaz Buda (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, 2005 – 2008)
  • Craig Terris (Drums/Vocals, 2006 – 2008)
  • Tom Watson (Guitar/Bass/Vocals, 2006 – 2008)
  • Tim Prebble (Bass, 2008)
  • William Ricketts (Percussion, 2008)
  • Samuel Scott (Vocals, 2008)
  • Conrad Wedde (Drum Programming, 2008)
  • Kezia Hinchey (Vocals, 2008)
  • Sophie Burbery (Vocals, 2008)
  • Andrew Bain (Bass, 2008)
  • David Long (Banjo, 2008)
  • Lee Prebble (Guitar, 2008)
  • Stephen Gallagher (Piano/Organ, 2008)


  • The C Sides (2005, Slow Boat Records)
  • Special Surprise (2006, Arch Hill Recordings, AHR020)
  • Vesuius (2008, Arch Hill Recordings, AHR035)


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Phoenix Foundation

acclaimed and eclectic wellington pop outfit with huge flourishes of whimsical instrumentation and whatnot. their debut caused quite a bit of fuss, critics gushing at their use of melody and whatnot. conrad wedde, samuel flynn scott, luke buda, tim hansen, will rickets and richie singleton.
picks in bold

  • china cove ep [2001 lovely horse PH1]
  • horsepower [2003 capitol recordings CREC1012]
  • pegasus [2005 festival]
  • happy endings [2007 flying nun]

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