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Two-piece Christchurch instrumental outfit based around Danny Bare (Ex-Substandard / Shocking Pinks – Guitar) and Rustle Covini (Ex-Aesthetics – Drums), who originally formed as Electric Slipper in March 2004. Bare’s an enthusiastic Post-Rock and Krautrock fan, and Silo display a firm grip on the Motorik approach of Can and (in particular) Neu! – whom they cover in their live set.

Bares’ an etheral guitarist, having a firm grip on tone and dynamics, whilst Covini is a rolling, rumbling drummer – they make for an effective duo. Both members currently split their time between multiple bands (Lome, the Beautiful Losers etc) and are fairly prominent fixtures in the current Christchurch underground live scene.

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3-piece Christchurch rock outfit in a fairly Unwound-style vein with dramatic guitar tension and vocals that veer between hushed and dramatic.

Danny Bare and Gareth Heta of Lome

Lome is a three-piece comprised of the ex-Substandard duo of Danny Bare and Gareth Heta along with Bare’s flatmate and successor in the rolling Shocking Pinks line-up of the mid-2000’s, Matt Craw.

Matt Craw of Lome

Made their live debut in July 2004, however never released any material with this line-up.


  • Danny Bare (Drums, 2004)
  • Gareth Heta (Guitar/Bass, 2007)
  • Matt Craw (Guitar, 2004)