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Campus A Low Hum 2011: Day 1, Part 1

Kitsunegari at Campus

Day 1 started with a series of laid back acts, Melbourne-based loop-pedallist Great Earthquakes the first official performer on a little embankment near the campus’s stagnant pond. Christchurch’s Wet Wings followed with their own beautiful, haunting songs. The core duo of Darian and Lucy were flanked by Jon Lemmon on keys, the trio giving a very stripped down and percussion free performance.

I missed quite a bit of the brunch slots (including Portland, Oregon’s The Ocean Floor) for the sake of acquiring more food, but I did make it back in time to see one of the highlights of the Festival – Melbourne Based Parking Lot Experiments. I’d describe them (at least live) as an incredibly upbeat Dodo’s; and a whole lot of fun.

Scul Hazzards played another brutal set before Liam Finn hit the main (assembly) stage, backed by his brother Elroy on drums. I felt this line-up change didn’t really suit Liam’s music; he seemed more drawn to playing in a drawn-out manner; and without the explosive effect of his loop-station performances. Ah well.

Auckland-based Kitsunegari were anything but drawn out, however they were a complete shambles; with a broke guitar half-way through their first song! The group are a new and young outfit comprised of at least one former Bandicoot.

The first pool act I got to see were the exceptionally cutesy James Duncan and Chelsea Jade (also of the Teacups), with lovely, wispy vocals by Chelsea and the occasional Suicide-style synthy bit from James.

Missed a few more acts as the day got hotter, venturing around Campus and exploring the likes of the Gym and the main camping area before I caught awesome duo Coasting in the barn. I was completely unaware former Coolies drummer Fiona Campbell has been drumming for the Vivian Girls, and here she was whipping up a storm with fellow Brooklynite  Madison Farmer. Nice tight, surfy songs. Cool Cool.

Pond at Campus

Melbourne 4-piece Tantrums seemed a little more gothy than their recordings give on, but they seemed to have some nice, relaxed electronicky stuff.

Speaking of Electronic music; former garden city lad Pikachunes tore it up with great big anthems in the pool; I really dig the likes of video indie-hit Just a Boy, and found myself singing it most of the night.

Sharpie Crows are the opposite of an electronic band, though now their drummers gone their frontman Sam Bradford was behind a drum machine type thing while his bandmates wailed behind him. Holy heck how much does that guitar fella tremble?

Ctrix at Campus

I missed Wellington’s Secret Knives, the photogenic Perth act Pond were unmemorable, and I can’t say CTrix is my favourite chip-tune artist (despite using a trusty old Amiga for the majority of his sounds), but it was certainly shaping up to be a great night with High Places and Toro Y Moi (and others) to come…

b artists



2nd generation pop rockers that aren’t too bad.

A young Liam (son of Neil) Finn started playing music in his pre-teen years, and he developed quite an ear for good melody. Joined by Matt Eccles (son of Australian hero Brent Eccles of The Angels), Chris Garland and Joe Bramley, they continued to improve and improve, both live and on record beyond their teenage years.

For quite a time they were a very popular across New Zealand and then spreading into Australia, building up a strong catalog of singles and albums, having a heavy video presence, whilst still retaining some level of independent credibility – even splitting from Flying Nun around the time of their amalgamation into the international Festival Mushroom Group.

Eventually Finn would go on to record his own solo material, finding even further success.


  • Liam Finn (Guitar/Vocals, 1997 – 2006)
  • Matt Eccles (Drums, 1997 – 2006)
  • Chris Garland (Guitar, 1997 – 2006)
  • Joe Bramley (Bass/Vocals, 1997 – 2006)


  • Betchadupa EP (2000, Flying Nun Records, FN445)
  • The 3D EP (2001, Flying Nun Records, FN455)
  • Awake CD Single (2001, Sputnik Records, NZROCKPRO1)
  • Dirty Creature (w/ King Kapisi 2001, Self-Released)
  • Man On My Left CD Single (2001, Sputnik Records, NZROCKPRO2)
  • Sleepy News EP (2002, Flying Nun Records, FN461)
  • Supa Day Single (2002, Flying Nun Records, FN464)
  • The Alphabetchadupa (2002, Flying Nun Records, FN465)
  • Move Over EP (2003, Liberation Music, LIBSP5086.2)
  • Who’s Coming Through The Window EP (2004, Liberation Music, LIBEP6132.2)
  • Aiming For Your Head CD Single (2004, Liberation Music, LIBCD61332)
  • My Army of Birds and Gulls EP (2005, Liberation Music, LIBSP7160.2)