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2nd generation pop rockers that aren’t too bad.

A young Liam (son of Neil) Finn started playing music in his pre-teen years, and he developed quite an ear for good melody. Joined by Matt Eccles (son of Australian hero Brent Eccles of The Angels), Chris Garland and Joe Bramley, they continued to improve and improve, both live and on record beyond their teenage years.

For quite a time they were a very popular across New Zealand and then spreading into Australia, building up a strong catalog of singles and albums, having a heavy video presence, whilst still retaining some level of independent credibility – even splitting from Flying Nun around the time of their amalgamation into the international Festival Mushroom Group.

Eventually Finn would go on to record his own solo material, finding even further success.


  • Liam Finn (Guitar/Vocals, 1997 – 2006)
  • Matt Eccles (Drums, 1997 – 2006)
  • Chris Garland (Guitar, 1997 – 2006)
  • Joe Bramley (Bass/Vocals, 1997 – 2006)


  • Betchadupa EP (2000, Flying Nun Records, FN445)
  • The 3D EP (2001, Flying Nun Records, FN455)
  • Awake CD Single (2001, Sputnik Records, NZROCKPRO1)
  • Dirty Creature (w/ King Kapisi 2001, Self-Released)
  • Man On My Left CD Single (2001, Sputnik Records, NZROCKPRO2)
  • Sleepy News EP (2002, Flying Nun Records, FN461)
  • Supa Day Single (2002, Flying Nun Records, FN464)
  • The Alphabetchadupa (2002, Flying Nun Records, FN465)
  • Move Over EP (2003, Liberation Music,┬áLIBSP5086.2)
  • Who’s Coming Through The Window EP (2004, Liberation Music,┬áLIBEP6132.2)
  • Aiming For Your Head CD Single (2004, Liberation Music, LIBCD61332)
  • My Army of Birds and Gulls EP (2005, Liberation Music, LIBSP7160.2)



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King Kapisi

the current king of polynesian hip-hop – bill urale is a self-styled example of how with a bit of ambition and some good friends, anyone can make it big. with the help of his sister he created an award-winning debut video clip, shooting his self-released debut to the top of the nz charts.
picks in bold

  • savage thoughts [2000 urale D32110]
  • 2nd round testament [2003 festival mushroom 336412]

awards etc
rianz awards 1998

  • sound engineer of the year andy mortonrn

apra silver scroll 1999

  • song writing award ‘reverse resistance’rn