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The Coolies‘ Sjionel Timu, plus Jewl of Bessamoocho / Goldifox duo (and Pink Air / Girl Alliance mainstays) Liz Matthews and Penny Collins going hardcore.

Released a lathe-cut 7″ ode to King Loser vocalist Celia Mancini, with the B-side being a cover of the Germs ‘Shutdown’.


  • Sjionel Timu (Guitar / Vocals, 1997 – 1999?)
  • Liz Matthews (Drums, 1997 – 1999?)
  • Penny Collins (Bass / Vocals, 1997 – 1999?)


  • The Revenge of the Revengers 7″ Lathe Cut Single (1997, Pink Air, PINKAIR007)



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The Soundlaydee

Jewl Of Bessamoocho and Goldifox‘s Penny Collins in an 80s flavoured solo guise. Casio-Tone punk from Kerikeri, South Auckland.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • 8″ Lathe-Cut Ep[Pink Air Pink Air010]


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Girl-crew (and Kerikeri residences) Jewl of Bessamoocho‘s Liz Matthews and Penny Collins joined by a third member named Amy and playing the kind of pop-punk making a strong return in Auckland.

Released a real vinyl 7″ single on the start-up Girl Alliance label.

Girl Alliance followed shortly after and was a different thing altogether. It was a purely Riot Grrl label but this did not mean the music wasn’t experimental. When I first heard Kerikeri band Goldifox they really hit me over the head. On the first listen I immediately realized it was the sound I had been waiting to hear from a group of NZ girls for years. Kind of a mixture of The Clean, The Germs and Bikini Kill. I felt they were important and needed to be documented on vinyl. There was also a purity in their form. They were teenage girls from a small town in NZ,  lo fi recordings made on a ghetto blaster in their bedrooms. Their vision was clear.

– Stella Corkery in Tom Tom Mag


  • Liz Matthews (Drums, 1999)
  • Penny Collins (Guitar, 1999)
  • Amy (Vocals?)


  • Untitled 7″ Lathe Cut Single (1996,  REV003)
  • Forming 7″ Lathe Cut Single (Self-Released)
  • Toolset 7″ EP (1999, Girl Alliance, GA002)