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Cassandra’s Ears


Dunedin based pop-rock featuring a young Jan Hellriegel, backed by Vanessa Anich, Flick Rhind, Sarah McNab, Megan Miller, Leanne Ibell and Zan Wright. released a couple of EP’s during their short tenure: 1988-1991.


  • Jan Hellriegel (Guitar/Vocals/Piano, 1988 – 1991)
  • Vanessa Anich (Drums, 1988 – 1991)
  • Flick Rhind (Bass, 1988 – 1991)
  • Sarah McNab (Percussion/Vocals, 1988 – 1991)
  • Megan Miller
  • Leanne Ibell (Guitar/Percussion, 1988 – 1991)
  • Zan Wright (Vocals, 1990)
  • Debs Frame (Saxophone, 1988)
  • Danny Manetto (Cello, 1988)


  • Private Wasteland EP (1988, Jayrem, JAY142)
  • Your Estimation Cassette Single (1990, Jayrem, TC-Jay 738)
  • The Cassandra’s Ears Story (2010, Blind Date Records, BDR003)


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Jan Hellriegel

after cassandra’s ears fizzled out, jan started recording solo with the mark and wayne bell, tony lumsden and mark peterson in support. having had moderate success as a relatively lively MOR singer in the fiona mcdonald mold (and using her good looks to her advantage), she’s now more likely to be found contribution to electronic releases, and has faded from the limelight in the 21st century.
picks in bold

  • it’s my sin [1992 virgin 9031777192]
  • all the best thoughts ep [1992 virgin 9031777202]
  • tremble [1995 virgin 4509995722]

awards etc
rianz awards 1992

  • most promising female vocalist of the year jan hellriegelrn
  • songwriter of the year jan hellriegelrn