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Another alias of the prodigious Di Smith of the International Telepaths, most commonly known as Lucy Lurex and Lady Die.

In this configuration smith plays a very strange Casio keyboard with its own built in tape-deck unit for backing tracks – an odd one-woman show.


  • Diane Smith (Keyboards/Vocals)




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International Telepaths

the two-bit two-piece of lucy lurex (aka dianne smith) and duane zarakov (aka pat faigen), garage-rockers extraordinaire. with lucy’s impressive and powerful singing, heavily influenced by idol marc bolan (and lets not forget her bryan adams fandom), the international telepaths are as raunch as it gets.
add in to the mix duane’s (king loser, spacedust et al) dexterous and off-kilter drumming and you’ve got a whole lot of cool in just a 2-piece. 2003 saw the pair play a number of gigs in their home-town of dunedin, and eventually released their self-titled debut on lucy’s own lurex rekkids label.
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  • international telepaths [2003 lurex rekkids LR4]

Mike Hex [January 2004]

What does Arclife do for the Dunedin community, and specifically, what’s your role in the trust?

I’m not a member of the trust; there was a trust set up in the early days of the Arc Cafe, but now they are two different entities. This change happened last year so Arclife Records is now being run by myself, Thom Bell and Stephen Kilroy.

What’s Arclife up to at the moment? Major changes a-foot?

Apart from having a new company to run the label we received a $10,000 recording grant last year from Creative NZ to record three bands: Heka, Hiss Explosion and Kahu.

Have you been working with any up-and-coming artists or bands we should keep an eye out for?

We have a compilation [from] last year we hope to release soon. Heka are about to finally release their debut CD. Bob Scott (The Clean / The Bats) has a lost Dunedin folk songs CD coming out in march. I’m a big fan of the Undercurrents and hope to do something with them soon. There’s enough to keep us very busy for the next year, that’s for sure.

And Hiss Explosion? Any new recordings in the midst?

Thom Bell has bought this kick arse desk from Vancouver/Canada and we hope to marry that up to the 2″ 24 track tape machine we have down here and get busy in february.

How do the Hiss Explosion recordings differ from your solo outings? How does Peter fit in to the creative process?

Well, solo stuff is done by me at home on my old four-track dirt-tracker so it’s raw and ready and Hiss Explosion has been experimenting with bigger tape machines, so obviously the quality of recording comes down to tape width. I’ll always record and track in analogue tape. Can’t stand that pro-tools sound – too crisp and clean for me. Solo i’ll experiment more with sounds and objects etc.

The Hiss Explosion play Creation on February 6th 2004 as part of the Waitangi Day Special along with International Telepaths (also from Dunedin), Into The Void, Substandard and Idols Of Eve.