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Ride On Estrada

Loose and quirky Christchurch pop-rock outfit, who spent a couple years slowly building up a set of lo-fi indie-pop songs, and releasing their self-recorded results just as the band itself was calling it quits (with several members travelling overseas). Vocalist Craig Houghton also releases some fine country-tinged indie material as Insert Name Here.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • The Discreet Charm Of Ride On Estrada [2004 Polite Albino]


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Insert Name Here

solo alias of craig houghton (ride on estrada), who’s released a couple very lo-key, melodic, and occassionally country-tinged albums on the small stinkbuzz inprint, specifically in short-order lathe-cut runs. i ran into craig travelling to sonic youths’ fantastic 2004 gig in auckland, and on arrival back in christchurch discovered his 2nd album, the moody songs from a dead house is a charming album of guitar-murmurs and down-beat vocals, with opener ‘new years day’ being a particular stand-out.
picks in bold

  • somewhere on a crooked road [2002 stinkbuzz]
  • songs from a dead house lathe-cut [2004 stinkbuzz SBLP001] rn