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Thee Strapons

2 piece scuzzo-rock’n’roll with weird elements and a thoroughly lo-fi leaning from christchurch fixtures (and heads of the Solarphonic label) Bev Greene and Done Campbell – now residing in Wellinton.

This long-lived, stylistically versatile group, began producing music in Dunedin in 1988! Transferring operations to Christchurch in 1993, Thee Strapons temporarily exchanged the William Burroughs-meets-Throbbing Gristle industrial rock, of their Dunedin phase, in favour of no-nonsense punk rock and r’n’b. However, beyond this popular, public persona, the 1996-2001 period also saw much experimentation with psychedelic lounge music and electro-industrial cabaret

With the key duo of Thee Strapons relocating to Wellington to raise their child, the Hi-Tone Destroyers‘ Matt Alien moving north to try his hand at greater success, and the Incisions imploding in the early 2000s, the Christchurch underground rock’n’roll outfit was dealt quite a blow.

Mid-fi punk-industrial stuff, some garage moments, often experimental – lots of William S. Burroughs/Psychic TV tape loop fuckery etc… don and i remixed and remastered these to DAT from the original 4-track tapes mid 2000.
Dave Khan on the 2 Early Fears compilations

After a lengthy absence, Thee Strapons finally resurfaced in Wellington in 2004, appearing on the rather mixed Stop The Bypass compilation. Hopefully more is on the way.

A wonderful collection of lounge-rock numbers and synth-pieces recorded 1996-99. longer, more keyboard-driven compositions. lots of local musos are on this recording inc. Joanne and Sharon Billesdon, George Churton (Gene-Pool Belmondo of Gas etc), Chris Rigby and even moi. Bits from Come Back To My Place And Lost Found Sound were originally released on Krkrkrk in early 1997 on the tapes Beyond The Valley Of The Strap Ons &and Fingerless Love

Dave Khan on The Lost Found Sound

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Ouch Lucky Fight Lathe-Cut 7″ Ep [Solarphonic]
  • ‘Predator Sway’/’Strap-Ons Are Go’ Lathe-Cut 7″ [Solarphonic]
  • ‘Get Outta Town’/’Grind Las Vegas’/’Diabolique’ Lathe-Cut 7″ [Solarphonic]
  • ‘Taboo’/’Hey’/’Everybody’S Wiser Now’ Lathe-Cut 7″ [Solarphonic]
  • ‘Daughter Of Horror, Uptight Surfite’/’Tokyo Striptease, Are You Gonna Be There’ Lathe-Cut 7″ [Solarphonic 001]
  • Dance All Night With Thee Strap Ons: ‘Race With The Devil’/’You’Re Gonna Miss Me’/’Pedophile’ Lathe-Cut 7″ [Solarphonic 011]
  • ‘For What Its Worth’/’Psycho’/’Big In Japan’ Lathe-Cut 7″ [Solarphonic Sop10]
  • Beyond The Valley Of The Strap Ons Cassette [1997 Krkrkrk Krk069]
  • Fingerless Love Cassette [1997 Krkrkrk Krk079]
  • Come Back To My Place… [1997 Krkrkrk Krk105]
  • Pretty Ugly Things [1998 Solarphonic]
  • No Time To Be A Work Of Art [1999 Solarphonic]
  • Lost Found Sound [1999 Krkrkrk Krk106]
  • Early Fears 1 [2000 Krkrkrk Krk102]
  • Early Fears 2 [2000 Krkrkrk Krk103]
  • Eat The Mess Age [2000 Krkrkrk Krk108]
  • Bottle [2001 Krkrkrk Krk115]
  • Hellbox [2001 Krkrkrk Krk116]