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Holy Toledos

Jetset Lounge / Subway

Large old school hotel with upstairs lodging, a pokie room, kitchen and a large live music bar that’s went through quite a few changes between the early 1980’s and when it was closed, just prior to the Christchurch Earthquakes.


The starting point for two key members of the Christchurch Music Community, Pihed featured Andrew Penman (Salmonella Dub, bass and vocals) and Tom Mahon (The Strange Loves, guitar and vocals), along with Carolyn O’Neill (vocals), Bede Pascoe (keyboards), and Andrew Cavanagh (drums).

Holy Toledos

profile thanks to rob mayessince forming in 1989 the holy toledos have attracted much attention. the release of the forget and forgive lp showcased them nation-wide, not the least to major record label sony music, who on the strength of… Read More »Holy Toledos