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Hieronymus Bosch


Mid 1980’s hardcore punk band from Auckland. Released a split EP with Five Year Mission in 1986, released on Positive Youth Promotions, who exclusively released the two groups music.

Their frontman Stephen Moore and original bassist Simon Blendall put together a punk zine called ‘Anarchy, Outrage and Serious Intent’ which lasted a few issues and garnished the group some international interest. German underground label Gift of Life released the groups final release (of their original run), the 1987 EP ‘Inner Space’.

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Hieronymus Bosch

profile thanks to marq bizarre / hieronymus boschhieronymus bosch formed around 1985-86. a two piece utilizing many reel to reel tape recorders, loop effects, steel objects and an arsenal of classic analog synths and drum machines. very dark and unique.… Read More »Hieronymus Bosch