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Sandoz Lab Technicians

Fairly free-improv and underground Dunedin-based group comprised of James Kirk (one time King Loser member, along with the Glen Campbell Experience), Tim Cornelius, Nathan Thompson and occasionally Mark Curragh.

Sandoz Research Laboratories was where Albert Hoffmann accidentally discovered LSD in the ’20s. There’s always been quite a heavy drug influence in the band. You’ve come across it.
– Tim Cornelius on the band names origin, taken from the Sandoz interview with Opprobrium

A fairly constant stream of releases on their own Blunt Instrumentals label, often comprised of off the cuff ramshackle performances (particularly their earlier recordings which date back to late 1993). With Curragh living in Australia, Thompson formed Unspecified with Cornelius, and Curragh and Thompson with Curragh, both as off-shoot additional side-projects.

Thompson keeps himself very busy by also performing in the Flies Inside The Sun off-shoot Sleep.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Lost Early Recordings Cassette [1993 Blunt Instrumentals Bint000]

  • Sandoz Lab Technicians 8″ Lathe-Cut Ep [1994 Blunt Instrumentals Bint001]

  • Big Shiney Ship Lathe-Cut 7″ Ep [1994 Blunt Instrumentals Bint002 / Bint004]

  • Live! And 12b Cassette [1994 Blunt Instrumentals Bint003]

  • Sandoz Lab Technicians Cassette [1995 Blunt Instrumentals Bint008]

  • Daily Light [1995 Blunt Instrumentals Bint009]

  • Sleeping Beneath The Clay Lathe-Cut 7″ Ep [1996 Blunt Instrumentals Bint011]

  • Sandoz Lab Technicians [1996 Siltbreeze Sb-55]

  • The Tale Of The Pixielamb [1997 Lotus Sound]

  • An Ounce Of Birds Blood Lathe-Cut 7″ Ep [1998 Blunt Instrumentals Bint012]

  • Synaptic Acres [Metonymic]

  • The Three Imposters Triple 8″ Lathe-Cut Ep [Crawlspace]

  • Let Me Lose My Mind Gracefully [1998 Corpus Hermeticum Hermes027]

  • Everythings Fifteen [2004 Celebrate Psi Phenomenon 1007]


s artists


Flies Inside The Sun off-shoot featuring Kim Pieters and Peter Stapleton, along with Nathan Thompson (Sandoz Lab Technicians and their various off-shoots) and Bollard (Sferic Experiment).

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Enfolded In Luxury [2000? Metonymic Met006]
  • Ghostwriting [2002? Metonymic Met011]


t artists

Tanaka-Dixon Meeting

An exercise in barely-extant low-fi scrape and dense ambience via cello(?) and guitar.
– Bruce Russel on the ‘Blessed’/’Tanks’ 7″

The duo of Danny Butt (Flies Inside The Sun) and Michael Morley (Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos / The Dead C Etc). Released three ultra-rare Peter King lathe-cut ep’s on the Dead C‘s Precious Metal inprint, along with an album and single on the Giardia label.

Drones and gets hazy and kind of scary via the same instrumentation, peaking with some nice moments of high-end skree and fucked, loose percussion.
– Bruce Russel on the The Ark

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Tknxm 8″ Lathe-Cut Ep [1993 Precious Metal Pm 26]
  • Annihilation Lathe-Cut 8″ Lathe-Cut Ep [1993? Precious Metal Pm 30]
  • The Burning House 8″ Lathe-Cut Ep [1993? Precious Metal]
  • ‘Blessed’/’Tanks’ 7″ [Giardia]
  • The Ark [Giardia]
  • Twelve Inches Heaven [Hells Half Halo]


f artists

Flies Inside The Sun

danny butt, brian crook, kim peiters and peter stapleton – brilliant superband, putting out an album on high-profile u.s. indie kranky, and 3 follow ups on their own smaller metonymic imprint in the mid 90s. arising fromt he ashes of the wonderful dadamah (and existing alongside the crook-less rain) – the flies continued in a similar dark asthetic.
picks in bold

  • an audience of others (including herself) [1993 kranky Krank008]
  • flies inside the sun [1996 metonymic Met002]
  • cactus sky [2000 metonymic Met007]
  • le mal d’archive [2001 metonymic Met009]
  • burning glass [2005? self-released]