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The Bleeders

Biography Auckland hardcore / punk outfit that reached peak popularity around 2004. Boasting a line up of musicians all of whom have had vast experience as part of the New Zealand punk / hardcore scene in such acts as DSM,… Read More »The Bleeders


Biography Auckland hard-core / skate-punk outfit. Balance formed the ElevenFiftySeven record label as an effort to raise the profile of Auckland hardcore, organizing tours and promoting bands at any given opportunity. Members Stefan Thompson (Bass, 1994) Ben Lythberg (Drums, 1994… Read More »Balance


auckland punk/hardcore outfit formed in 1997 by dave mcdermott (vocals), duncan long (guitar), dan smith (bass) and matt clark (drums), who released an album on elevenfiftyseven before splitting up, with members going on to evil priest and the bleeders. Discography… Read More »DSM