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Noisy Dunedin rock group formed by Ex-Alpaca Brothers Bruce Blucher and Paul Cahill. Robbie Yeats was their primary drummer, but their recordings feature contributions from a number of well-known underground performers. Released 3 albums and a couple 7″ singles.


Excellent Dunedin 4-piece with a stellar line-up. Dark, noisy guitar and driving rhythm, but sadly only a single hard-to-find album (plus a couple 7″ singles) to their name. Closely tied to Bruce Blucher concurrent band Trash.


fine free-rock garage-drone from new zealanders kim pieters, adria morgan, and sara stephenson. guitars feedback strum clang – drums pound freely – an occasional melody blossoms and quickly wilts a few other sounds are employed. this music is noisy in… Read More »Doramaar