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The Bads


Ex-pats The¬†Julie Dolphin (a successive British pop outfit that even managed tours with Oasis throughout the 1990’s) split in the early 2000’s, with founding kiwi duo Brett Adams (himself an ex-Mocker) and Dianne Swan (Everything That Flies, When the cats away) returning to New Zealand shores.

Swan and Adams formed the Bads as a recording duo – utilizing additional musicians to fill in the rhythm section for their live performances, and were eventually picked up by Stephen McCarthys’ fledgling South Recordings label, with an album to be released in early 2005.


  • Dianne Swan (Vocals, Guitar, 2005 -)
  • Brett Adams (Guitar, 2005 -)


  • Earth From Space [2005,¬†South Recordings, SR0001]
  • So Alive [2009]
  • Travel Light [2013, Warner Music, 5310561542]
  • Losing Heroes [2017, Self-Released, BAD001LP]


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Everything That Flies

Short-lived vocal-pop outfit fronted by a young Dianne Swan (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard), formed alongside Clive and Bruce Sheridan (Guitar, Keyboard) and Steve Wesley. Other members included Warren Richardson (Drums), Mark Agree (Bass), and Later Peter Harrison (Keyboards, Vocals), David Manning (Bass, Vocals) and Wayne Bell, (Drums, Vocals).

Picked up a video of the year award for their debut ep, then promptly disbanded – with Swan releasing a solo 7″ single, before joining ex-Mocker Brett Adams in England to form Julie Dolphin.
Swan and Adams have since resurfaced back in New Zealand with the Bads, and have a debut album about to be released through Stephen Mccarthy’s new label South Recordings.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Bleeding Hearts EP
  • As The Sun Goes Down [1986 Pagan]