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Car Crash Set


3-piece Auckland new wave act from the early/mid 80’s featuring Nigel Russell (Spelling Mistakes, Danse Macabre), David Bulog and Trevor Reekie, though they went through many other members.

After an EP and an album the band disbanded with Russell going on to join Greg Johnson Set. Car Crash Set are recognized as one of New Zealand’s pioneering electronic acts, taking inspiration from the likes of Suicide and New Order.


  • Nigel Russell
  • David Bulog
  • Trevor Reekie
  • Simon Brown (Drums)
  • Rick Robertson (Saxophone)
  • Henry Downes (Percussion)
  • Sharon Tuapawa (Vocals)
  • Ryan Monga (Bass)


  • Breakdown 7″ Single (1983, Reaction, REACT019)
  • No Accident 7″ single (19834 Reaction, REACT021)
  • Another Day EP (1986, Reaction / Festival, X19021)



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Danse Macabre

post-punk / new-wave outfit from the early 80s and made up of nigel russell, wes prince, ralph crump and roddy carlson. russell eventually went on to form car crash set.
picks in bold

  • between the lines ep [1981 reaction REACT003]
  • last request ep [1982 reaction REACT006]