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Big Sideways


No kidding big: this New Zealand band boasts a dozen members, including four horn people, four guitarists and two drummers.
Seven of ’em are songwriters, which (not surprisingly) makes this a pretty eclectic record, fusing rock, jazz, funk and antipodean ethnic musics.
Capped off with idealistic lyrics, big sideways is upbeat and intelligent; highly arranged but hardly slick.
– Ira Robbins: taken from

Big Sideways were a prominent Auckland-based experimental performance group in the early 80’s, and featured Ivan Zagni and Justin Harwood (also of The Chills, Coconut Rough) and Tom Ludvigson among their collective.


  • Chris Watts (Trombone, 1983)
  • Ivan Sagni (Guitar/Percussion/Vocals, 1982)
  • John Quigley (Vocals/Guitar, 1982 – 1983)
  • Mark Bell (Guitar/Percussion/Vocals, 1982)
  • Chris Green (Saxophone, 1982 – 1983)
  • Jacqui Brooks (Saxophone/Percussion/Vocals, 1982)
  • Kelly Rogers (Saxophone/Vocals, 1982)
  • Paul Hewett (Drums, 1982)
  • Phil Steele (Drums/Vocals, 1982 – 1983)
  • Robbie Sinclair (Bass, 1982 – 1983)
  • Scott Calhoun (Trumpet/Keyboards/Vocals, 1982)
  • Betty Monga (Vocals, 1983)
  • Debbie Harwood (Vocals, 1983)
  • Josie Rika (Vocals, 1983)
  • Lee Connelly (Drums/Vocals, 1983)
  • Graeme Cash (Vocals, 1983)
  • Tom Ludvigson (Keyboards, 1983)
  • Karen Hill (Trombone, 1983)
  • Mike Russell (Trumpet, 1983)


  • Big Sideways (1982, Unsung Music, UN2)
  • Let It Out EP (1983, Unsung Music, UN022)


c artists

Coconut Rough

the band (paul hewitt, andrew snoid, choc tuwhare, stuart pierce, mark bell, eddie olsen and bones hillman) behind the immortal hit sierra leone and not much more, though they did release 2 albums and an ep between 1983 and 85.
picks in bold

  • whistle while you work [1983 w/ the narcs cbs SBP237956]
  • coconut rough [1984 mushroom L38216]
  • it takes two to tango ep [1985 mushroom K9701]

awards etc
rianz awards 1983

  • most promising group of the year coconut roughrn
n artists

The Narcs

Gareth Sincock, Tony Waine, Bob Ogilvie, Andy Dickson, Steve Clarkson And Liam Ryan. Hugely Popular (Locally, They Never Tasted Overseas Success) Pop Outfit From The 80s That Tread The M.O.R. Line, Even Touring With One-Hit Wonders Coconut Rough.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • The Narcs Ep [1981 Cbs Xs0006]
  • No Turning Back Ep [1983 W/ Coconut Rough Cbs Ba12040]
  • Whistle While You Work [1983 W/ Coconut Rough Cbs 237956]
  • The Great Divide [1984 Cbs Sbp 238038]
  • The Narcs [1985 Cbs Sbp 8123]

Awards Etc
Rianz Awards 1984

  • Single Of The Year – You Took Me Heart And Soul
  • Producer Of The Year – Dave Mcartney
  • Sound Engineer Of The Year – Graham Wyhre