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Root Don Lonie For Cash

Small but quickly expanding cassette, cd-r and lathe-cut 7″ label run by Clayton Noone (aka CJA) and utilized by a fair few nation-wide artists since the mid 90s. Over the course of just a decade the label has accumulated a huge back catelogue of New Zealand underground releases.

Compilation Discography (picks in bold)

  • Yeah of the root cd-r [rdl039]
  • Cia blowup cassette [rdl051]
  • Telly cassette [rdl052]
  • Looking for love/dunedin night life cassette [rdl064]
  • Animals double cd-r [rdl100]
  • Tahi 3″ cd-r [2003 rdl100a]
  • Rua 3″ cd-r [2003 rdl100b]
  • Toru 3″ cd-r [2004 rdl100c]

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Duncan Bruce


What makes this album great is the aforementioned brevity of the pieces.
Duncan spans all shapes of the volume curve, sliding through landscapes of barren glacial shifts, torn loudspeaker edits and ye olde drone, and letting the feedback go as it were, all done to a virtually perfect effect for the perfect amount of time.
– Freedom From
Later recordings have featured the likes of Tim Cornelius (Sandoz Lab Technicians), Clayton Noone (The Futurians), Lee Noyes, Matt Middleton (Crude) etc.


  • Duncan Bruce
  • Clayton Noone (Guitar, 2008)
  • Lee Noyes (Reeds, 2008)
  • Tim Cornelius (Saxophone/Electronics/Reeds/Tapes, 2008)


  • Untitled Artist Series 8″ Lathe-Cut (w/ Wayne Gordon 1999, Crawlspace)
  • Holsun Cassette (2000, Freedom From, FF0107)
  • Economic Target Split-Cassette (W/ Crude, Root Don Lonie For Cash)
  • Still The Man Cassette (W/ Clayton Noone, Extemporanious)
  • Laws Of Association Volumes I & Ii Double-Cassette (Coadm)
  • Some Of That French Avant-Garde Shit Cassette (Dirtlove)
  • New Glass Tapu CDr (2008, lf Records, lf005)



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Naked Sailors

One Of Clayton Noone’s (Cja) Many Low-Key Projects.

Discography (picks in bold)