Castrol’s Garage

Also known as:

Location: 88 Victoria Street, Central Christchurch

Current Status: No longer running as a venue

Active as a live music venue: 2015 – 2016

Bar Manager: –



Capacity: –

Short-lived pizza restaurant, bar and live music venue, on the corner site of the long running and beloved Gordon Smith and Son’s Fruiterers. The venue side of the bar was a little on the shallow side and with doors opening to an outside courtyard on the busy revitalized post-Earthquake Victoria street, it wasn’t long before the venue encountered noise complaints.

No Exit at Castrol’s Garage

However in the short period it did function as a venue I saw (and partook in!) some pretty good shows, the stage well set up with a permanent drum-kit and a decent PA with the sound-desk located nearby.


2014: Castrol’s Garage opens on the site of the former Gordon Smith and Son’s Fruiterers.

2015: Bar and other facilities completed, Castrol’s becomes a live music venue.

2016: Site converts Pizza bar to ‘The serious sandwich’ and live music events dry up, the site eventually closes.

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