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Vapor and the Trails

…A five piece instigated by guitarists Alan Parke and Leigh Perry with vocalist Ian Whitehead. Other members were soon added to fill out the sound; Dick Cotterill (Bass) and Karl Swanson (Drums).

The band’s early sets were composed overwhelmingly og 1960s pop/r’n’b covers, stripped-down and cranked up…although there was some genuinely punk material culled from imported albums (the Ramones first and second, three or four selections from the Heartbreakers “L.A.M.F”), The Trails (and to a greater degree the Detroit Hemroids) might best been seen as an allegory to the back-to-basics ‘Pub Rock’ popular in London in pre-punk years. In their efforts to find somewhere to practise, Parke found the Mollet St Market. Mollet St had been a hippie-style craft market for years, run by a collective; Parke saw an opportunity to turn the practise-room area into a performance club…

Mollett Street became Christchurch’s centre of underground music activity in the late 70s, with many bands forming and performing in various different styles – often incorporating the new punk element into their sound.

– From Wade Churtons’ Glam, Punk and Scorched Earth Policy

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