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norman dufty, sally mulcahy, nick strong, peter mitchell, craig davison, donna lawson, kirsty cameron and bill vosburgh. Discography picks in bold junkanoo [1986 w/ dillinger’s brain onset/offset PR2346]


5 tracks of field recordings and ultra-harsh electronics. no instruments were used on this recording. constructed entirely using a portable minidisc recorder, contact mics, behringer mixer and patch cords. [limited edition of 50, each packaged in a kraft envelope with… Read More »Joe+N


Discography picks in bold the phenomenological experience of being peb 1/2 7″ lathe-cut [self-released] still life 12″ lathe-cut [self-released] still life no. 2 8″ lathe-cut [self-released] ‘salt’/’water’ 8″ lathe-cut [self-released]