Former Rip It Pp editor Murray Cammick formed Wildside in 1991, releasing material from Wellington acts Freak Power, Second Child and Rumblefish, but didn’t really become the icon of Wellington hard rock it was in the mid 90s until both Head Like A Hole and Shihad (who later changed their name to Pacifier then reverted back again) released their Wildside debuts.

With 2 of the biggest names in New Zealand rock under their belts (not to mention the likes of the Dead Flowers, and Christchurch act Pumpkinhead), Wildside cruised through the 90s, with album after album of high-quality hard rock.

Compilation Discography
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  • Raw 1 [1995]
  • The Best Of Wildside [2002]

Contact Details

  • Wildside Email [Contact Email]
  • Wildside Records
  • Po Box 7012
  • Wellesley St
  • Auckland
  • New Zealand [Postal Address]

Dead Flowers

bryan bell (vox / gat), rob dollars (drums), riqi hadfield (gat / backing vox), darryn harkness (bass – replacing aaron carson, who had replaced david james in the mid 90s) and damon newton (lead guitar). big hair rock in a loosely black crowes style. had a couple of hits and put out 2 albums and an ep from through-out the 90s.
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